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Our services assure increased revenue and offer an amazing end user experience. We start each project with everything from market research to establishing goals that leads to a developed strategy.


We make

digital beautiful

Our services assure increased revenue and offer an amazing end user experience. We start each project with everything from market research to establishing goals that leads to a developed strategy.








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We feel proud to mention that we are technology leaders in developing solutions and providing best services to assist you meet your business needs. The various things that give us a special space in the market and attract our clients to work only with as follows.
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Our services assure increased revenue and offer an amazing end user experience. We start each project with everything from market research to establishing goals that leads to a developed strategy.
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We feel proud to mention that we are technology leaders in developing solutions and providing best services to assist you meet your business needs. The various things that give us a special space in the market and attract our clients to work only with as follows.
February 27, 2023Digital marketing strategy is not complete without a social media presence in it. Our tech-savvy world is well-aware about the power of social media and it is an integral part of our daily lifestyle. It seems impossible to imagine life without social media sites and app development. We cannot rely on specifying what is more popular among Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Every platform is engaging the audience on a really high scale. However, it has often gotten for a person to manage different social media accounts and keep them updated on a regular basis. No wonder, social media is very crucial as well as overwhelming to deal with. So, definitely, there is a requirement of a reliable social media management tool. We know the first name must be of Hootsuite in your mind, isn’t it? At the same time, you must be worried about its heavy features and expensive paid plans. No worries, there are various Hootsuites alternatives available in the market to be used in 2020 as suggested by digital marketing experts.  Before we get into the alternatives, let’s know Hootsuite more in detail. No doubt, this pioneer of social media management platforms is the most renowned one – The Hootsuite. Its all-rounder features enable it to be in the top-list. From managing social media handles to analyzing the overall performance is possible with the Hootsuite. Automated scheduling, analytics, major platforms support, easy to use in a single dashboard, are some of the main specifications of Hootsuite to enrich your experience as a social media enthusiast. If you are seeking its alternatives, read further listed ones – 1.Sendible This social management tool is ideal to manage various accounts for distinct clients. Sendible offers an easy to use and a comprehensive dashboard that facilitates the user to keep track as well as to publish content without losing consistency. For the users who seek generation of leads via nurturing leads for official social media handles, then this tool is quite effective. Priority inbox is one of the impressive features of Sendible as this specification leads to more engagement by sorting out the priorities. Also, it is happening to get over 250 social media report templates that enable the user to create a report with the least efforts. With Sendible, the user can manage- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, WordPress Blogs, Twitter, YouTube and so on. Digital marketers consider it as a top name in list of the alternatives of Hootsuite and its 30-day free trial option is certainly a main reason for it.  2.Buffer Another name on the list of substitutes is Buffer, which is a smart tool with a virtual queue. How about stagger the posting time of your next Instagram post? Smart move, right? It is possible with the Buffer to add various articles, news, videos or photos for posting. This tool allows your posts to fetch maximum attention from the audience by posting it at the peak time. Also, the good news with this management tool is the browser extensions it offers for consistent scheduling. Users can get traffic as well as valuable insights about their audience preference with Buffer. From Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter and many more platforms can be managed with its assistance. All its paid plans offer the RSS feed integration that is a plus for the users looking for a smart social management tool. Before you get your app development done as a startup, give it a try. 3.OneUp Another social management tool known as OneUp that lets users automatically recycle social media posts to keep those postings evergreen. It is a time and energy saver for the people who wish to post over Pinterest, Google My Business, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles, in one go. It kind of gives a resurface to old posts to avoid them getting fade away from time to time. For the purpose of proper analytics, this is an amazing tool that lets any post get the best engagement with the UTM parameters. This tool is one of the most competitive alternatives of Hootsuite at the nominal initiating cost of $3 per month. 4.Viral Heat Talking about the other social media management used to monitor, publish the content and analyze & engage the audience. That is called- Viral Heat. This SMM solution keeps track of all conversations over different platforms via smart streams. A user can make well-informed decisions about posts and popularity with its effective reviewing features. With Viral Heat, social efforts by any account holder of a social media account would not go in vain. Staying organized, scheduling content posts, references for maximum engagement, real-time interaction with the audience, and updated about new trends, are some of the renowned features of this tool that make it in the top alternatives of the Hootsuite. So, customizing and managing Google+, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Twitter is feasibly possible with Viral Heat. Pro tip- Try this management tool along with website development done by experts and see your business excelling.  5.Agora Pulse For the cost-efficiency seekers, the Agora Pulse is the best alternative to Hootsuite. Do you know why is it all about hype other than its price? Requeue content feature that allows the sharing of a content numerous times to make it evergreen among the audience. Besides, those painless reports with the customize report option and various other innovative specifications make it a great social media software. The bulk upload and queue category also make it popular that makes the uploading of 100 posts possible in one go and categorize them according to the theme. Ignoring its neat interface that provides a sort out the dashboard to the user is not fair. After all, it is one of the major functions of any social media management software. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn can be managed with Agora Pulse. Picking Up the Right Tool Is Mandatory Differential aspects and features of all the social media management tools make it tough for the users to choose one. So, one should ask them their main requirement before they start seeking options or even alternatives to the popular ones. For instance- Social scheduling or content creation, which is your main focus? Or, perhaps the budget is your main concern? Also, do you own a website or have done your app development so far or not? Whatever one gets as an answer can facilitate them towards better decision making in the same context. Coming back to the topic, there are various good substitutes for the Hootsuite. We need to figure out the best one for our needs by keeping in mind all the features and specifications offered by that social media management tool. Make sure to be wise with whatever you go with. After all, social media is way more than just a leisure pastime in the duration. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022These are so crucial as they are the beam of the house called website, and it provides structure to the whole system. This software library in the web development industry offers some great functions. Frameworks are the baselines to design and integrate the rest of the project. With the frameworks, the website or application owner can assure the longevity of the product. Hire a web developer and ask him or her about the ease of upgradability and maintenance, a reliable framework provides. Besides, it offers efficiency, integration and is cost-effective for the developer and the customer. HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT FRAMEWORK? A framework would prove to be beneficial for you only if it is efficient and possess features according to your needs. So, if you are looking for top frameworks to use in 2020, you need to know how to choose one. Here are some ways to pick up the best framework for your needs. COMPATIBILITY WITH HOSTING Selecting the framework that goes well with the hosting should be preferred. Why share hosting with normal modules when you can get dedicated hosting? Be cautious with your options to choose the most compatible framework with the hosting. For instance- Kohana, CakePHP, Codelgniter, are great with hosting. HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION There should be minimum steps and great ease while installing the framework to put it at work. Your hired web developer will suggest that it can be really frustrating to deal with the hassle of a problematic installation of framework once the website or application is ready to be deployed. So, get the framework that is rapid in terms of getting started to serve your purpose. OPTIMUM DOCUMENTATION Detailed documentation is the key to clarity for the people and does not let them have any confusion concerned with the framework. Illustrations, snippets, tutorials, and write-ups are some of the ways through which proper information can be attained about the framework. WITH THE COMMUNITY No matter how efficient and properly documented is your framework, there are going to be errors that require fixing. So, having a comprehensive community to help is a great plus. Literally, people say the community is responsible for the success or destruction of the framework. So, make sure to opt for the framework with a friendly community concerned with it. This will ease the work of your web developer and they can come up with the best development. Use these helpful suggestions to avoid going wrong with your selection of framework. LIST OF TOP 5 POPULAR ONES IN 2020 RAILS This is one of the beloved frameworks due to the friendliness it has to offer. This Ruby language-based framework offers quite a quick web development process and it is easy at the same time. Fast, efficient and immensely helpful are three features of Rails. Becoming an expert in Rails is not at all difficult tasks to accomplish for the existing developers. This is the obvious reason behind 826,000 live websites using this framework. LARAVEL This model-view-controller framework has been gaining popularity since its existence. This young framework uses PHP as a language. This definitely calls for the hiring a Laravel developer to get benefited. Laravel offers ultimate safety and security that is quite un-matchable for other frameworks. Its blade templating engine, MVC support, easy programming, and ready-made applications are some of the main reasons that tempt developers to use this framework. DJANGO This framework is no doubt quite similar to Ruby regarding the maturity. Easy to learn, reusable codes, inbuilt features, integration of different databases, lead to the success of Django. This can be a great companion for the Python framework and can provide some out of the box solutions. SPRING For all the high-load products and complex designing, spring framework reserves a place. The creation of software is easy for web developers to accomplish. It is ideal for both mobile as well as web development equally, but can be difficult to grasp unless someone is a pro. Ticketmaster and Bill Guard are using the Spring framework and are happy with the Java language used in it. CONCLUSION In a nutshell, you need to find the most suitable framework for your project. For instance- If you choose Laravel, then accordingly you require to hire an expert Laravel developer to do your work efficiently. Do not forget to check out the features and above-given points to make a wise choice in terms of frameworks. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022In fact, various businesses are started online and then try to tap the physical local market. This year- 2020- it is getting even more necessary to have a website that has a strong online presence. According to the clutch’s survey, 29 percent of small businesses do not own a website and the reason is lack of technical knowledge as well as lack of sufficient resources to accomplish it. There is a need for a business to hire developers to get a website that leaves their greatest impression on the targeted audience. YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE Honestly, any business could be missing a lot of major things without having a website as well as an app. After all, there is no other place where people can see the services and products offered by various companies. Website the virtual representation of any business venture that results in high conversion rates, if developed properly. Besides, a business cannot merely run over social media as you never know when their changing algorithms will make your business account least visible. Undoubtedly, a website by getting an app development done, a startup can find a legitimate source for great online expressions. Our exclusive guide can help beginners to tech-savvy readers with a great website for a startup company. Here we go: Goals – One of the prominent things concerned with the goals and requirements of any business. Also, web design, responsibilities, and potential risks are also supposed to be discussed beforehand. Need or demand more interactive websites will require more effort for sure. Like, some websites are expected to engage users in competitions and discussions whereas others are merely for the information. So, usually for a startup or a small business, telling people about their services is enough by providing compelling content. Be a pro while choosing the domain name – Even, your hired developer will tell you to choose an interesting domain name or one similar to your brand with some added creativity. After all, this name is going to be on people’s minds once your startup becomes a brand. So, make sure to get it ends with .com and should be easy to type or pronounce. Besides, the short name is better and never take a name with the copyright issue. And, you are on your way to make it a significant venture. Also, keep in mind to ask your professional help you get some coupons while purchasing a domain. Pick a logo – Yes, do you save here is major, if you have a creative logo on your mind already. Create it yourself or ask a professional that helps out start-up companies with affordable logo making services. But, make sure to get a logo that has a lasting impact. Consider the example of any renowned food brand, we recognize them from far away due to their exceptional logo mostly. You can get an app development done also as your users like to have the utmost convenience. So, you can showcase your products or services on your website and ask them to purchase with a link to your app. No matter how difficult or competitive is your business domain, getting success with some online smart work combined with real-time efforts surely comes with great results. So, start today with your app and website from an affordable and professional source. This is the basic that any business asks from its owner, make this investment to reap benefits soon. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022More interactive, streamlined, and with endless opportunities are features that businesses in the duration possess. All thanks to the technological advancements in the variant fields of businesses. Now, think yourself, which business is excelling without having an app development done? Even a small business start-up owns a website as a business’s online business card. How can your business survive without technology incorporated in it? MAKE USE OF THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION TO GET IMMENSE BENEFITS If you are still skimping on advanced technology for your business, then this is the high time- get it. It will take your business to heights of success, more conversions, and uniquely fulfill your customer needs. For instance- Consider the example of Lens Cart- this company is amazingly intriguing customers with the help of Augmented Reality. Users are free to try out different spectacles and they are assured that it will go well with their face structure before buying it. So, you can also hire an Augmented Reality developer if you wish to give a similar effect to your services, products and eventually leading towards great conversions. Follow The Mobile Trend For Impactful Branding Leave that misconception behind that an integrated application is meant for big brands. Your small business is going to fetch a lot from the apps that will reach customers more than anything. Convenience is what customers wish to get, and on-demand apps are unbeatable for that. Be it an ice-cream parlor or a luxurious restaurant is interacting with their customers via dedicated apps. So, why don’t you think about hiring an app development professional? It is the need of the hour and business needs to have an online presence (a strong one) to make space in the daily life of customers. Whenever you think of food from outside while being at home, what comes to your mind first? Probably, it is Zomato, isn’t it? So, according to your business domain, your application will be the first thing to click your client’s mind in such cases. Nothing can beat an app as it is going to be visible to the customers as long as they do not abandon it. This world of global interactions can do a lot more than we think of its capability. Imagine, Facebook has 2.4 billion active users and this figure is more than China’s population stats. This huge number is going to be your potential audience once you will be a brand and you are missing a lot if you are not using this inexpensive mode of marketing. Take the example of TikTok that is simply engaging a hefty number of users with merely being a source of entertainment and people are advertising using this app. There are many influencers with millions of followers, who are creating brand awareness. In fact, social media is a perfect way to humanize any brand or business. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube or other platforms can take you to close your goals of the engaging maximum audience and getting conversions. So, understand the importance of social media before you miss a lot of benefits and hire a social media professional for your business. Let Your Business Excel In The Modern Landscape With Digital Marketing Trends Only using the right tactic can turn out digital marketing in your favor. So, hiring the right digital marketing expert is mandatory for your business to follow the path of success in this tech-savvy world. Before applying any digital marketing tactics, ask yourself- about exposure, your requirements, marketing goals, and targeted audience. This is how you can bring the right digital revolution for your business. Content is one of the mandatory aspects of digital marketing and it ought to be engaging to make most of any technique. Optimization is compulsory for mobile as well as for desktop marketing and you need an expert to assist you in this thing. However, on average, most of the users prefer mobile devices as compared to desktop. Besides, a sound website, proper search engine optimization, and organic social media followers & associations are very important for successful digital marketing. TECHNOLOGY IS A MEDIUM FOR BETTER CONNECTIVITY Conversions, recognitions, and customer satisfaction are major goals of any business. In this online world, technology is playing a super-active role to accomplish, better connectivity, communication, efficient deliverables, security, advancement, convenience and much more. It is completely justified to call technology- a wave of advancement for businesses. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022WordPress is not at all meant for the e-commerce, whereas the WooCommerce is way too buggy for most of us. So, Shopify is quite competitive among all. Shopify is considered to be the most easy-to-use the best e-commerce platform for both small and large e-commerce businesses because it brings merchants all of the tools they need to build beautiful e-commerce websites. Shopify is a software as a service (‘Saas’) tool – this means that you don’t own it, but rather pay a monthly fee to use it. As long as you have access to a web browser and the Internet, you can manage your store from anywhere. Let’s talk about some effective features in Shopify, which is ever-updating and innovating. PROS Shopify stores plan includes self-hosting features Numerous Shopify partners that can provide support Big choice of storefront themes Shopify app store with multiple app features POS Integration, Advanced Reporting, live chat features Shopify provides 24/7 support. Ideal for people with less technical knowledge Amazon integration and direct external buy button feature Customization required coding knowledge Powerful marketing features, useful reports, own payment gateway features CONS Additional transaction fees for using external gateways No free plan available (just free trial) The Cost: Shopify costs money, both monthly and in terms of individual transaction processing fees. Dealing with proprietary coding for advanced custom requirements Customization limited to theme and platform capabilities HOW WE DEVELOP THE NEEDFUL FOR YOU USING SHOPIFY E-COMMERCE PLATFORM As Shopify is not only CMS but online business management system as well which includes the ability to fulfill and manage orders, payments, get in-depth reports, and much more. We have specialized Shopify developers that can manage the work based on client Specific requirements as mentioned above.Our experts can guide which plan is best based on your choice depends on your requirements and budget. We can provide a well-maintained platform that provides everything needed for website management, updates, pricing, order fulfilment, customer chat communication etc. Our shopify development experts can play with shopify add-ons, tools for launching a site within minutes and you don’t have to worry about self-hosting or buying a domain name from a third party included professionally designed themes to give your online store that ultimate look. All in all, the best Shopify solution for your e-commerce business and its top-notch success. SHOPIFY SAMPLES REVIEW [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022This widely used CMS has become an obvious choice among businesses because of how powerful the tool is. WordPress is not just about CMS, it is also used for applying some amazing WordPress customization web applications These days launching a website has become equally important as launching any business these days. Let’s talk about some effective features in WordPress. PROS It’s packed with built-in SEO boosts so its rank Higher It’s easy to play in admin backend (even if you’re not a developer) You don’t need to become a security expert ( Loads of plugins available) WordPress supports multiple payment gateways and multiple users Super Memberships & e-commerce sites built-in features Plugins Extend Functionality features Thousands of Premade Themes to Choose From directory Opt for Custom WordPress Themes Multi-Language Website features CONS Auto Updates theme confliction Multi Website speed issues Expensive services for removing code work Possible Security Flaws Customization requires advanced coding knowledge Hacking ,open source code risks HOW WE DEVELOP THE NEEDFUL FOR YOU USING WORDPRESS As WordPress is super robust, quick to deploy, stable, and extremely customizable so we have expert WordPress development who have years of experience with WordPress theme development as well as designing to handle these tasks. We believe in delivering spotless and simple to use theme customization services according to your business needs. We believe in documentation Services so each step towards development is recorded in absolute honesty, and this process will help you to redo this task again and again without any extra effort from your side.we love using WordPress for business, personal projects and client site builds because we know it can be tailored to be or do just about anything we need a website to be.Well over 80 percent of websites on the internet today utilize PHP, which is the core language behind WordPress customization services and core developement. so we have expertise to manage every kind of work either in wordpress or enhancement of wordpress with advanced coding based on totally client requirements. Consider us your reliable WordPress development company to get the best functional and advanced website . WORDPRESS SAMPLES REVIEW [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022In contrast to the front-end designers, the back-end engineers are in charge of the more significant assignment of executing the sensible activities on the information and they are the ones who ensure that the information is put away in the right places and refreshed in the databases. As per the researches, one of the reliable stage to work with is PHP and Laravel is the best structure to put at work. PHP is a prevalent stage with regards to back-end advancement. There are various systems accessible to make PHP a lot quicker by bundling the perplexing functionalities into only a couple of lines of code. This promptness that PHP showcase make the opportunity for PHP as well as Laravel developers. Be that as it may, picking the privilege PHP advancement structure for building up a web application for your business can be an exceptionally troublesome undertaking as there is a lot of alternatives accessible in the market. From a previous couple of years, Coruscate has been utilizing PHP all the time for the advancement of sites and applications. We have worked and tried different PHP systems, however, we observed Laravel to be the best structure to work with. HERE ARE THE REASONS WHY LARAVEL IS LIKED: 1. Approval strategy Utilizing Laravel technology by the Laravel experts makes the execution of verification procedures a lot easier and the setup of everything is phenomenal. It even gives a less difficult approach to arrange approval rationale and control access to assets. 2. Item Oriented Libraries The top reason that makes Laravel the best PHP system is the nearness of its article arranged libraries alongside numerous other pre-introduced libraries which are not found in some of the well known PHP structure. One of those libraries is the Authentication library. It additionally has many propelled highlights like checking dynamic clients, Bcrypt hashing, secret word resets, CSRF security, and encryption. 3. Craftsman There is a worker in apparatus in Laravel called Artisan. In the Laravel system, a Laravel developer work with the structure utilizing a direction line. This direction line makes and handles the Laravel venture condition. Craftsman is an assembled device that assists with the direction line. The device mechanizes most of the redundant and non-beneficial programming undertakings that are dull for the designers. Along these lines, in the event that you are hoping to Hire Laravel developers, connect with Vibhuti Technologies and we will demonstrate why we are known to convey flawlessness to each of our customers! [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022 As a designer, you need to set aside the push to altogether consider two or three thoughts before running off to make programming. We broke down Native and Hybrid applications for progression to empower you to settle on the right decision. Also, to be sure of your choice, ask the recommendations of our expert Native react developer. HERE ARE THE PROS AND CONS What is Native app Native Apps are written in a programming language unequivocal to the stage OS they’re being made for. This would ordinarily be Objective-C or Swift for iOS and Java for Android. Native Apps ordinarily have better execution with rendering and activities than Hybrid Apps. What is Hybrid app A Hybrid app is a flexible Mobile application that contains web elements to run a web application inside a native application, using a native application wrapper that can communicate with the native gadget stage and the web see. This infers web application can continue running on a cell phone and approach the device, for instance, the camera or GPS features. HERE IS CONTRASTING OF NATIVE AND HYBRID APPS: Hybrid App Native App Developed by using Javascript,HTML, CSS Developed in platform specific language Swift for iOS, Java for Android etc. Save Time and Money HIgher investment of time Write once Run Anywhere Separate code for each Platforms Fast Development Cycle HIgher Cost and Development time Less scalable More scalable and Robust Less integration with Device hardware based process More integration with Device hardware based process PROS OF NATIVE APPS Execution As Native Apps are developed unequivocally for a particular working system, they are significantly speedier and more refined than their different partners. Execution settles on Native Apps the main decision for elite diversions and applications. This part is in the hands of the mobile app developer, so make sure to hire the best one. Crowd Native Applications can be sought all the more effectively by clients in the App Store in light of the fact that applications with better UX get included all the more every now and again. Along these lines, it is simple for a business to contact its potential group of onlookers in a limited ability to focus time. Application Accessibility Native Applications can without a doubt exploit any kind of device’s handiness, for instance, camera, mouthpiece, timetable, GPS, figure print sensors, development sensors, etc. So the application accessibility is outstandingly high. CONS OF NATIVE APPS It is essential to comprehend what could be the cons of anything. So, let’s check this out. Longer Development Time As a Native Apps is engaged to a specific iOS, requires more opportunity to deliver for every single stage. So developers  need to form express codes for iOS, Android and so forth. Therefore, to give a quality item, the general improvement time is longer. Costly As the improvement cycle is longer, local applications are minimal expensive contrasted with other half breed or web application. Indeed, even the upkeep and upgradation cost is minimal high. In any case, in the long run, Native Apps pays back. Support As clients of various gadgets might utilize various forms of the application, it makes hard for the developers to keep up and offer help. PROS OF HYBRID APPS Cost One of the greatest aces of a hybrid application  is the most reduced expense of improvement. As you are not going to make a few renditions for various application stores, the advancement cycle is lesser as well. Quicker Go-to-Market As the headway cycle is less and we successfully saved time by coding just once, the basic impelling time for hybrid applications is less. Applications experience quality affirmation testing like a standard programming or site. Initial testing can be performed from a web program. Application store movement and stage testing are quick. CONS OF HYBRID APPS Much the same as the experts, few cons will likewise come to all things considered of hybrid applications. We should feature those. UX This is a major worry for hybrid app developments by its developers. A hybrid application can never give clients a complete local encounter. Native application use framework interface segments which are easy to use, can make a significant arrangement and can help keep up the general work process. This can’t be accomplished with a hybrid application without trading off execution. Better UX permits more client commitment and the eventual fate of the application. Glitches Another stress with Hybrid applications is the way in which they load content comes with defects and sometimes the stacking time is moderate. This is instead of the smoother native applications. Regardless, there are various responses to fix the faults involved. In Vibhuti Technologies, we guarantee our made applications avoid glitches. Structure Configuration issue remains a factor as different iOS work in a startling manner. So the organizer needs to fix the style as indicated by different iOS. Amid the time spent fixing, it may capacity to begin new challenges. The extent of realistic and visual portrayal is restricted on account of hybrid apps. CONCLUSION As we can see There’s an intense challenge among Native and hybrid apps in the field of mobile technology While building up an application, a general inquiry that hits the brain of the entrepreneurs is: Should the application be native, web or hybrid things considered, it would rely upon your prerequisites and spending plan. We here at Vibhuti Technologies, provide the best services as a reliable app development company on both Hybrid and Native application. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022OVERVIEW The all-time high relays of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies changed the fortune of many investors across the globe. As per the global report, Bitcoin has almost recorded a profit return of 785% in the last year that’s huge! In fact, no other commodity in the market has provided such high dividends and, this has added much hype to the rise of “crypto exchange environment.” Now, the biggest question arises: HOW DOES CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING TAKE PLACE? All thanks to Crypto Exchange Softwares! Best cryptocurrency Exchange Software provides a platform that helps in trading, buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. MintPal, BitFinex, BitFlyer, uniDax, etc. are some of the popular Crypto Exchange platforms widely used across the globe. These software make it easy for the investors to maintain a database and account for all the transactions. They act as an interface or a medium for the buyers and sellers to directly look after the charts and the transaction history along with the volume of the cryptocurrency available for a trading session. Nowadays, a large number of investors are keeping an eye on stats and making investments in crypto markets. Consequently, there is a need for more stable Cryptocurrency Exchange Software. The standard features of Cryptocurrency Exchange Software are: 1) Trading of Digital Assets Crypto Exchange Software is a one-stop destination for digital assets. It is a multicurrency trading platform that extends support for high frequency and SegWit-enabled trading. 2) Multi-currency Trading Platform Commonly, most of the software’s support major fiat currencies such as Euro, USD, etc. Some of the Crypto Exchange Softwares also support fork trading. 3) Security Crypto Exchange Softwares have all the latest bank level defenses to prevent security breach and hacks. They come with multi-signature authentication feature, 3-Point architecture and DB encryption. Thus, ensure the safety of user holdings and data safety. 4) User-Friendly Design These Exchange softwares come with a user-friendly design. The easy to use architecture ensures the easy addition and deletion of cryptocurrencies as per the demands of the user. 5) Encrypted Wallets These crypto exchange software provide that both cold and hot wallets peer-to-peer tradingfollow the latest encryption techniques. In addition to encrypted wallets, they come with multi-signature authentication security. 6) Trading of Multiple Cryptocurrencies Crypto Exchange Software allow trading of multiple cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ripple, Ethereum, DashCoin, HCX, AltCoin and ERC20 tokens at the same platform. 7) Check for Compliance This software enable the user to check for compliance based on geography-specific KYC and AML. 8) Platform Independent In addition to all the features mentioned above, this software are platform-independent. They work on iOS, Android, Windows, and all the other major systems TYPES OF CRYPTO EXCHANGE SOFTWARES: BASED ON WORKING, CRYPTO EXCHANGE SOFTWARES ARE OF THE FOLLOWING TYPES: 1. Traditional/Conventional Cryptocurrency Exchanges These type of crypto exchanges work like conventional exchanges, where buyers and sellers trade in cryptocurrencies based on the market price. The sole job of a crypto exchange is to act like a mediator facilitating the transaction. 2. Crypto Brokers Based on the change in currency, brokers help in buying/selling of crypto at prices determined by them. These prices are usually the current market price plus a small premium amount. 3. Direct Trading Exchange Platforms Direct Trading platforms provide peer-to-peer trading options. There is no intermediary exchange involved, and trade directly takes place between buyers and sellers. Thus, they’re easy to use. GDAX (now Coinbase pro) is an example of direct trading exchange platforms. Also, based on the trading currency policy used by Crypto Exchange Softwares, they are of the following types: 1. Exchanges with Fiat Currencies These Crypto Exchange Softwares make use of Fiat Currencies like EUR, Dollars, etc. for buying cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc. BitFinex and BitFlyer are typical examples of Crypto Exchanges with Fiat Currencies Support. 2. Exchanges with Fork Trading These Crypto Exchange Softwares permit Fork Trading or making use of one primary cryptocurrency to buy equivalent another cryptocurrency on the basis of buying/selling charts. uniDAX and MintPal are typical examples of Crypto Exchanges with Fork Trading Support. GLOBAL CRYPTO EXCHANGE MARKET 2019-2024 Taking an insight into the Global Crypto Exchange Market 2019-2024, there are speculations that this sector holds a lot of potential in the upcoming years. The graph highlights the comparison of expected growth in market size by the year 2024 and the estimated compound annual growth rate between the year 2019-2024 for different countries across the globe. CRYPTO MARKETS V/S INTERNET USERS Furthermore, while comparing the trajectory of total cryptocurrency traders across the globe to the total number of internet users, the crypto market is still in an early stage, and there’s too much of potential in this sector. The global reports and case studies also add to the fact that there are a fair number of chances for crypto markets to enhance further with the advancements in the blockchain technology and IoT sector. The involvement of people in the crypto sector is somewhat similar to the growth witnessed in the number of internet users during the early days. The stats further suggest the growth in crypto exchange is directly proportional to the people engaged in using the internet and growth in the number of legit websites as far as the decentralized Applications or Decentralized internet is concerned. Also, talking about the popularity of some commonly operated crypto exchanges across the globe: Binance tops the table with a rating of 9/10. This Exchange gained a lot of popularity in the last 2-3 years and recently concluded its ICO a few months back. POPULAR CRYPTO EXCHANGES Now, let us have an insight into the popular crypto exchanges across the globe: 1. Binance This Crypto Exchange offers a mobile app, and this fact makes it the fastest growing exchange in the crypto markets. This Crypto Exchange platform tops the chart in the year 2019. 2. KuCoin KuCoin, the next name on our list is famous for the launch of a dedicated mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms. This exchange is working hard and consistently rolling out updates to make their app one of the best in the industry. 3. Bitmex Bitmex, the next name on this list is equally popular among the masses for high volume trading sessions. 4. CEX This exchange is my personal favorite as it comes with state of the art security features and charges a low trading fee. Thus, it ensures more profits. Also, it supports superfast transactions. 5. CoinMama CoinMama is one of the oldest players in the crypto markets. They allow instant buy and transfer of BTC and ETH. 6. Bittrex Like all other exchanges in the list, Bittrex is a high-quality exchange that allows transaction of different crypto coins at one place. Thus, it provides with many options at one platform. 7. Changelly Changelly supports instant conversion from one currency to another as per the user’s choice. Thus, making it a wise choice. The other Crypto Exchanges with the ratings in the market. Exchange Rating Binance 9/10 KuCoin 8/10 Huobi Pro 6/10 Changelly 7.5/10 Bittrex 7/10 Poloniex 6/10 Bitfinex 5/10 BitMex 8/10 BEST CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE PLATFORM IN THE MARKET The best crypto exchange platform in the market is decided based on the factors listed below: 1. Crypto Currencies Supported The number of supported coins and tokens on the platform play an essential role in deciding the top Crypto Exchange in the market. Among fiat exchanges, Bittrex is famous for supporting trade in over 100 tokens, while Bitfinex allows trading in around 39 tokens/coins. Some of the popular crypto exchanges like Kraken and Kucoin allow trading in 17 and 12 tokens respectively. While talking about crypto-to-crypto exchanges, Poloniex support around 66 tokens and Changelly allows trading in over 100 coins. Likewise, Binance, a rapidly growing Chinese exchange is known for allowing trade in over 350 cryptocurrencies. 2. Countries Supported The popular fiat exchanges like Bittrex, Coinmama, and Kraken extend their support in about 200+ countries. They are still inaccessible in few states of U.S. In fact, Coinbase, one of the largest crypto platforms extend the support in only 38 states in the United States. Crypto-to-Crypto exchanges connect the people from several countries across the globe for crypto trading. 3. Lowest Transaction Fees Various crypto exchange platforms charge different transaction fees. For example, Coinbase charges all the transactions at a set base rate of 4% but waves a part of the conversion fee based on the payment method used. The famous Coinbase pro or GDAX platform charges a 0.10%-0.30% taker fee as well as 0% maker fee. On the other hand, Binance charges around 0.1% trading fee. Another famous name in Crypto market, Kraken’s maker fee varies from 0.0-0.16% based on the volume, and the taker fees range between 0.10-0.26%. No doubt, Coinbase has the upper hand in this feature too. 4. Services Offered The offered services play a vital role in deciding the top player. More the number of secondary features, more people find the platform easy-to-use. Hence, digital wallets, insurance protection, instant money transfer, offline storage, etc. are some of the standard services offered on almost every platform to attract investors. Coinbase, a pioneer exchange bags the top spot among all other crypto exchanges as it comes with the latest security and encryption practices. Moreover, it provides insurance security against loss in holdings due to theft for up to a maximum amount of $250,000. 5. Latest Technology Coinbase beats all other crypto exchange platforms when it comes to the use of state-of-art technology while Bitfinex lies second in this list. Coinbase comes with a better interface and technology. The latest Coinbase Pro platform provides an entirely user-friendly environment. While coming to Bitfinex, it has an advanced charting option and a host of indicators depicting every transaction. It also allows traditional orders like market, limit, stop and algorithmic trades like OCO, Iceberg, and Post Only. Considering all the above points, when it comes to the Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Software in the Market, no doubt Coinbase is the top contender. It comes with the support for GDAX platform (known as Coinbase Pro). In addition to that, the app provides a user-friendly interface for every kind of investor. The whole process of joining and linking bank accounts is relatively simple. All the coins and tokens can be traded quickly by scanning the unique QR code. The exchange comes with the latest security protection. Moreover, the best part of using Coinbase is that the FDIC covers under insurance the holdings of every U.S. citizen up to a maximum limit of $250,000. Apart from that, the transaction fee is also very less and legit. WORKING OF CRYPTO EXCHANGE SOFTWARE People often confuse blockchain technology with crypto trading and crypto marketing. But in simple terms, cryptocurrency and cryptomarkets are one of the many applications of blockchain technology. Also, blockchain technology has revolutionized the concept of data transfer. Every individual block comprises of three things: a cryptographic hash of the existing block, a timestamp, and data involved in the current transaction. Blockchain: All You Need To Know 1. The term “blockchain” refers to a publicly available worldwide database that is encrypted and loaded with many security features. 2. The working of blockchain is simple to understand. It allows users across the globe to add information to a database and data is spread over a network. Thus, it ensures that no data gets corrupted. 3. The data is continuously flowing over a network, and no copy of data gets stored at a particular location or server. 4. The continuous flow of data over a network ensures that data is not altered from time to time. 5. Blockchain technology has revolutionized the concept of data security as no other technology permitted the free flow of data over a network without storing them on the servers. 6. Besides, this technology is an open-source software which allows everyone to create their blockchain. 7. The complete blockchain model is decentralized, and a single party doesn’t have control over it. 8. Therefore, the data once submitted can’t be manipulated again by the third-party users. With the invention of Bitcoin in the year 2008 along with blockchain sector, people started to develop their cryptocurrencies across the globe with the help of cryptocurrency exchange developer. Thus, a broad crypto market flourished over the years and investors began to make investments in this field. Currently, around 700 digital currencies are existing all over the World Wide Web. Though most of these cryptocurrencies are not-so-popular, nobody can suspect what comes next! Each Crypto Exchange has its own set of features like the commission cost, limitation, currencies they allow to trade, etc. WORKING: The following image depicts the in-depth view of a simple Crypto Exchange Software: 1. The Crypto Exchange Software allows multiple users across the globe to connect to a secure network. 2. When someone requests a transaction, the request for a peer-to-peer connection is set up. 3. The individual computer involved in p-2-p connection is known as a node. 4. Multiple nodes validate the user’s requested transaction based on the known set algorithm. A valid cryptocurrency transaction involves transfer, record, buying or selling of cryptocurrencies. 5. Multiple transactions are combined to form a new block of data. 6. The next step consists of the addition of the new block to the existing blockchain. 7. Once, the block gets added to the existing blockchain; the data is permanent and unalterable. 8. Finally, the transaction is complete. CHARACTERISTICS OF CRYPTO EXCHANGE SOFTWARE: While developing a stable crypto exchange software, it is necessary to incorporate the following characteristics: 1. Security: It is essential for any exchange to come with state-of-art security and encryption practices. It wasn’t a long time ago, the news of hacking of South Korean Exchange Bithumb shocked every crypto trader. The total loss was estimated to be somewhere around $31.6 billion. Also, security is essential to protect the identity of the user and prevent data loss. 2. Supported Cryptocurrencies: It is vital that Exchange provides users with a one-place destination for trading in all cryptocurrencies and tokens. Since investors don’t have time to switch from one platform to another. 3. Fees and Commissions: Every trader wants to book the maximum profit. So, it is necessary that an exchange doesn’t charge high fees and commission as transaction charges can cost a fortune in high-volume trades. 4. Mode of Payment: Adding multiple payment options ensure more flexibility for traders. Some of the standard modes of payment are cash, credit cards, wire transfer, pay through PayPal, etc. 5. Geographic Location: Since the laws and the legislature policies differ from place-to-place. The geographic location and laws governing the area also plays a vital role in setting up crypto exchange markets. 6. Ease of Use: Since the crypto traders can’t spend their valuable time learning a sophisticated financial instrument. It’s essential that the website or application comes with an easy-to-use interface. COST OF LAUNCHING CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE: The report suggests that the cost of launching Coinbase, one of the pioneer cryptocurrency exchange website is somewhere around in the range of USD 57,000 to USD 98,000. The total cost of launching both website and application for a cryptocurrency exchange platform will cost between USD 1,32,000 to USD 1,45,000. The costs mentioned above are approximate figures. However, the figures can vary depending upon the needs of the user and scope of work. Therefore, one can tell the exact estimate only after the complete analysis of the project based on the feasibility and requirements. Once, you’re done with the cost estimation almost 80% prepared to launch your very own Crypto Exchange platform. Now, there are only two things left for you to look at – A. How to ensure the security of your Cryptocurrency Exchange Software. B. Type of Crypto Exchange Software you want to set up. CONCLUSION: The blockchain technology and Crypto markets hold a lot of potential in the coming years. The high returns and volatility of crypto markets have been a hot talk since last decade. No wonder why there’s a demand for stable and secure Cryptocurrency trading Software across the globe. As more people are following crypto markets keenly, we hope that this article gives you a better vision for setting up your very own Crypto Exchange. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022Budget planner app development is an easy task since now that we already have an app like Mint to refer. The Mint app consists of all the features that an efficient financial tool should have. Mint financial app is the best in the niche. However before we get deeper to understand the nitty-gritty of Budget Tracker app development, it is essential to consider all the pros and cons of the Mint application. This will make things easier to develop mint clone script. INTRODUCTION TO MINT APP Mint is an award-winning financial application introduced by Aaron Patzer. It was initially developed to cater to Canadian and the US market. However, in the year 2009, the newly established budget tracker app company was acquired by Intuit for $170 million. Post-acquisition, mint became another great tool in the company’s lineup of products. Mint app features some excellent systems like Turbo Tax, Quicken and other great software related to tax and accounting. The financial app is available for various platforms including the most popular one such as Android and iOS. It is also available for Windows and Macintosh. THREE KEY FACTORS FOR MINT APP SUCCESS Mint has an active user base of 15 million. The budget planner app has proved to be one of the most reliable and trusted financial application for North America and Canada. For Budget Tracker app development like Mint, you need to consider certain important factors. These are the main determining factors and critical to the success of the Mint app. Great design and usability features Intuitive and user-friendly interface Availability of free version BUDGET PLANNER APP DEVELOPMENT LIKE MINT APP If you are considering budget planner app development similar to mint, you will also need to consider features that will save users from the unnecessary hassle of manual operations to access their financial data. To put it in another term, your financial app should provide ease of access and offer better management process. Mint app can do all of these operations for users. Mint app goes beyond providing assistance related to budget planning by operating as a trusted financial advisor. Based on the user’s financial preference, the Mint app uses a special algorithm to provide clear money-saving strategies. As a trusted financial advisor mint offers money-saving strategies tailored to specific user requirements. USER ACCOUNT AGGREGATION TECHNOLOGY In a real scenario, a user typically has a variety of different accounts such as bank account, credit cards, loans, investment accounts, and other business accounts. Mint app can link to the respective website automatically and pull data from user’s accounts and put them into one place. With all financial data in one place, it becomes easier for users to manage their financial affairs. The financial data comes directly from the bank, investment firms, and other financial company and is as safe as the origin website. Mint app uses aggregation technology to connect all user’s account. If you want to develop a budget planning app like mint you will also need to use account aggregation technology. You can either self develop it or get it integrated from a reliable source. CATEGORIZATION OF TRANSACTION DETAILS During the initial days, the Mint app was providing account aggregation through a deal with Yodlee. After its merger, it is using Intuit now. Intuit uses proprietary aggregation technology of its own. So far Mint app only works with US and Canadian Financial Institutions. When you sign up to use the Mint app, it asks for your permission to manage money by getting access to your bank account. This means the Mint app gets your permission to download transaction details. The details are then categorized based on the vendor’s name or other similar transactions done in the past. SIC CODE FOR INDUSTRY CLASSIFICATION Mint app is able to successfully categorize your transaction because it has several million merchant data. It uses Yellow Pages data categorization service which typically labels businesses according to Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes. The SIC codes are assigned by the U.S. government to classify industry and to identify the primary business of the establishment. Mint has hundreds of subcategory to its disposal but still, sometimes it may make mistake. For example, if you stop by a gas station to buy gas. The Mint app may categorize this purchase as gas and fuel rather than auto and transport. For such cases Mint app allows users to easily edit the information. Mint app users cannot modify the existing standard categories; however, they can add their own subcategories. Users can also enter details related to purchase made with cash manually. Mint app has geolocation capability which makes it possible for the app to instantly match the transaction to the point of purchase. CREATE AND MONITOR THE BUDGET Mint app’s development technology is not just limited to tracking user expenditure but goes beyond monitoring the budget. The app allows users to create and monitor the budget. The budget can also be set for a certain specific category. The system is smart enough to recognize a transaction that falls within the budget category and accordingly updates it. This helps users to not only save money but also increases the app engagement metrics. Mint app users get a regular update every time they exceed their budget. AN ARRAY OF NOTIFICATION METHODS The app uses a variety of notification method such as email and pushes alerts. Users can set up an alert for low bank account balances, unusual purchases, bank fees, bill reminder, over budget alert. Mint app offers a great user interface to help the user increase or decrease budget on the go. The app provides information in a variety of ways such as colorful pie and bar charts for different time periods. This makes it easy for users to understand and thereby create a positive user experience. FINANCIAL GOAL SETTING Mint app also has a feature that allows the user to set financial goals for themselves. Mint discovered through a survey that users have eight common financial goals. Some of these financial goals include getting out of debt, saving for a trip, buying a house, buying a car, an emergency, retirement, or college. These financial goals are available to mint app users. However since financial needs and situation would be different from person to person, Mint app gives provision to choose an existing one or create a custom financial goal. Users can set themselves financial goals by answering a range of simple questions. When a user sets a financial goal for them, mint provides a guide on how they should budget and distribute their paychecks. It also provides guidance on specific ways to cut back in certain areas to save more cash to reach financial goals. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022The future of money is digital currency. -Bill Gates, World’s richest man, Co-founder of Microsoft Based on the ideals of renowned experts who tried answering the above question, this article will discuss the future of cryptocurrencies. Let’s start by understanding the basics. ABOUT CRYPTOCURRENCY Cryptocurrency became popular after the inception of Bitcoin. The first ever cryptocurrency, as we all know is Bitcoin. Its launch took place publicly through an anonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. Later, cryptocurrency and blockchain gained a prominence. Bitcoin is the most popular blockchain technology. Its global value reached 10.1 trillion USD in 2014. Today its price index has reached 3,799.68 USD. This marked the beginning of cryptocurrency exchange development companies. The blockchain is a public ledger under which cryptocurrencies work. Cryptocurrency is the exchange of electronic money. It is decentralized or is independent of a central authority. This is an open-source code that gets shared on the ledger. It has a definite value and is sent from one user to another. Exchange of cryptocurrency is called cryptocurrency mining. This completes the verification process and adds transaction data into the ledger. So the future of cryptocurrency is an important topic to discuss. As this will aid developers in blockchain app development. THE FUTURE OF CRYPTOCURRENCY THROUGH EXPERTS PERSPECTIVE Blockchain for cryptocurrencies is based on electronic currency and e-payments. Other applications can also use this technology. A lot of institutions around the world including hotels, airlines accept the digital currency. This has created a situation that excludes the intermediation of central authority which, in turn, raises questions about the global economy and financial markets. All these topics are added here along with expert guidance. BASED ON THE POLITICAL STATE: The political organizational state anywhere is dynamic. This is mainly due to uncertain occurrences like deflation or inflation. This definitely makes the use of digital currency essential. In such cases, it becomes a source of monetary fund. People are financially stable even in such conditions. They bring price stability and sustains the country without crashing economy. This is a modern way of dealing with problems within the country. Although its institutional structure is new, blockchain app development can help. Plenty of developers are working hard to achieve excellence in creating these apps. BASED ON CONSUMERS AND GOVERNMENT POLICIES: A big challenge for digital currency is government policies. They are an alternative to traditional currencies. This is possible when flexible policies are formed. This is difficult as the government earns revenue through paper money printing. Also, they have the authority to control the economy. This increases the chances of the government trying to oppose its use. It also depends upon the consumers. Today, a large population of the world is shifting towards digital currency. A number of retailers, companies, and services accept digital wallet currency today. So this certainly determines the future of cryptocurrency. BASED ON VALUE: Digital currency can surely replace the existing forms of payments. But experts say that this is highly dependent upon its value. Consumers expect the value to be relative to traditional currencies. So that people become aware of it. If a large population is investing in successful cryptocurrencies, that will attract people. The central authority will automatically allow its use when demand is high. So Bitcoin trading software and companies should focus on increasing value. This will sustain the blockchain network. Indeed, it will replace traditional currencies soon if the value increases. BASED ON EASE OF USAGE: Blockchain and digital currencies have a major advantage of anonymity. Along with this, it provides a record of every transaction. This reduces the use of credit/debit cards worldwide. Also, it brings down the overall costs of transaction fees. This is a big plus point for consumers. On the other hand, there is a chance of developing deep negative interest rates. Experts believe that cryptocurrency can lessen the cost of fiat money. So there will be no need to make any modifications with them. This poses a restriction for the government to earn revenue. BASED ON CURRENT USAGE: Today a number of products and services are using the electronic currency. Small-scale fund transactions, selling of digital media products are examples. They make good revenue. Most cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin comes with a fixed limit. This engages a lot of people to invest in it. Also, cryptocurrency makes the establishment of global supply chains easier. This has a lot of scope in the future. It can encourage companies to transact with digital money. Again they think cryptocurrency is advantageous due to anonymity. However, some experts think that limiting the use of digital currency is bad. This aspect is determined only on how people see it in the future. BASED ON SECURITY: It is easy to develop a cryptocurrency clone script based on Bitcoin exchange software. Thus, the security of developing applications is questionable. As the script is available, the security of the entire blockchain network reduces. This is a challenge for cryptocurrency exchange development companies. Hence, this becomes a strong reason for the government to oppose cryptocurrency. BASED ON THE NEW DEVELOPMENT: After Bitcoin, other digital currencies like Litecoin, Ripple developed. This means that there is constant development in blockchain technology. Applications are built with the motto of being an alternative to others. So new currencies developed in the future can outwit existing digital systems. They may be quicker and have more security. Hence, this will increase competition. The government will also try to implement policies for competition. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It may be advantageous for the government but pressurizes developers and companies at the same time. FEW LIMITATIONS OR CHALLENGES FACED BY BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY &NBSP There are few limitations or challenges faced by blockchain technology. Therefore, understanding them gives the right direction to cryptocurrency exchange software companies. Thus, helps them in developing a cryptocurrency clone script. Cryptocurrency needs a large group of consumers. As of today, the companies accepting digital currency is minimum. This is because cryptocurrency involves a large number of complexities. This is the major reason for the denial of digital currency on a massive scale. There is a limitation for using the electronic currency. That is the deletion of digital money due to a system crash. In the future, developers may bring new technological advances to overcome this aspect. Hence, this will surely multiply the number of consumers. If the features of digital currency become acceptable, then they raise a number of issues like hacking. There are chances of the central authority to involve and regulate its rules. Hence this eventually vanishes the purpose of creating a cryptocurrency. CONCLUSION Now how do developers deal with limitations and challenges? Definitely, there are methods that help the Blockchain app development. This is achieved through following a successful cryptocurrency clone script. Blockchain development has to be complex. But it should give ease to the customers who use it. As complexity in development restricts unauthorized access. They must provide user anonymity. On the other hand, security is essential. This is done so that tax evasion is not promoted. With expert advice, one can achieve this. These apps must maintain a decentralized system. Therefore, preventive measures to stop central authorities is essential. Hence, get started with blockchain app development with these tips. As experts believe, there are limitations in this system. Yet they are worth a try as the chances for succeeding is high. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022Like millions of people, are you also tired from receiving endless spam calls and SMS? Do you wish to develop a Caller ID App to combat this problem? If the answer is yes, you need to first understand the complex algorithm behind these apps and the expectations of the users! INTRODUCTION Unwanted calls and messages can be very annoying. Especially when you are in the middle of an urgent meeting or something like that. According to the stats, in the year 2018, India is the 2nd most spam plagued nation in the world. Brazil is taking the lead with over 37.5 spam calls in a month, with an increase of 81% from last year. Interestingly, telecom operators are the major source of spam calls and SMS in India. They are solely responsible for 91% spam calls in the country. Telecom customers were literally fed up of these calls and SMS and started demanding a solution to this issue. It was high time when the app developers started searching for applications that can filter these unwanted incomings. Some revolutionary apps like Truecaller, PRANK DIAL, Call Spoofer, and many more were introduced to the world. A caller ID App can help you in many ways. Unfortunately, spammers too have turned smart and started using computer generated numbers to spoof the actual numbers they are calling from. They generally have the first few digits of phone number similar to yours, to make it look familiar to you. Important Note: There is a difference between scammers and spammers. Remember not all the spam messages contain scams. Scams are sent to trick the user to disclose your personal information. It is more into stealing and frauds. WHAT IS A CALLER ID APP? A caller ID app is mobile app solutions designed exclusively to identify and control unwanted or spam calls and SMS. According to a report published by Truecaller, one of the best caller ID app, spam calls in India has doubled since the last year. Despite various regulations issued by TRAI, Indians are yet to receive respite from these spam calls and messages. Caller ID app offers various advanced features that identify and trace unknown and spam numbers and categorize them for you. For instance, you can get spam SMS in a different section of your message box labeled as ‘spam’ to enable you to save your time in filtering them. HOW DOES A CALLER ID APP WORK? Caller ID apps derive their powers from its own user community. When a user signs in the app for the first time, the app seeks permission to access his/her contact list and other data stored in the smartphone. The app then merges the uploaded contact list with its existing phone detail database. On a successful signing up process, the user can easily search phone numbers on the app and can look at their current location and other details. All the caller ID apps come with a live caller identification feature. This enables the user to see the identity and location of an incoming call. Answering or rejecting the call is at the discretion of the user thereafter. Caller ID apps receive this information in a two-fold approach. They store a list of top spammers in the user’s mobile phone to enable the users in identifying spam calls and SMS even without an internet connection. If you find an incoming call from a non-listed number, live lookup feature comes for the rescue. The user can see the details on his main screen. Live caller identification requires an active internet or Wi-Ficonnection. Note: You might receive certain calls even after marked as spam from the companies you have earlier dealt with. For instance, receiving verification calls on the purchase of a new SIM card from spam marked numbers is quite common. FACTORS THAT SHOULD BE KEPT IN MIND DURING DEVELOPING A CALLER ID APP CONCEPT PROOFING The first question you need to ask yourself before initiating the development process is “Is this important and will it solve the problems of the users?” Make your analysis crisp and short to get the best answers in a short period of time. TARGET AUDIENCE Make sure that you know your audience before you start your Caller ID App development process and can successfully tap them. Focus on the expectations of the users and try to incorporate them into your app. Plan and design your app according to user preferences. MOBILE PLATFORM There are two major mobile platforms in the world; iOS and Android. You must be clear in your planning which platform you will be choosing to launch your app. iOS apps include Objective-C or Swift coding language. Whereas, Andriod applications include Kotlin or Java coding language. Though you can also go for a combined app for both platforms with the help of Xamarin, Ionic, etc. DATABASE Millennials won’t have enough time to bear any lags in the modern day apps. They will not think twice before uninstalling unresponsive apps. So you must make sure you have a speedy database to ensure an efficient app performance. Considers factors like size of data required to be stored, data structure, accessibility, security, and scalability of data to make this happen. PAYMENTS We live in a virtual world where artificial intelligence is no more a new concept. You must develop an advanced app that accepts payments from various online modes as most of the users prefer to pay through online modes. SECURITY This is one of the most important factors that should be kept in mind while designing a mobile app. Smartphones have a lot of personal information like bank details, pictures, passwords, etc. Broken cryptography, poor authentication, data leakages, and so on are some common security challenges in an inefficient app. You need to be extra vigilant with this one in your caller ID app development process! FUTURE PROSPECTS Last but not least! Design an app that holds strong future prospects for your company. Making an app for short term gains is not a good idea. You need to analyze its future before starting the project. Taking inspiration from apps like Truecaller can be a great help. WHAT SHOULD BE THE ESSENTIAL FEATURES IN YOUR CALLER ID APP? If you are planning to develop a caller ID app, you have ample of features to incorporate in it. Keep reading on to know some of the essential ones! 1.RECORD PHONE CALLS A modern-day caller ID app should be efficient enough to enable the users to record important phone calls. This will save their mobile space from downloading a different call recording app. 2.IDENTIFY SPAM AND UNKNOWN NUMBERS Needless to mention that your mobile app solutions should have advanced coding so as to trace unwanted and spam numbers. The higher efficiency displayed here, higher will be your reputation in the market. 3.CALL HISTORY AND CONTACT BACKUP This is a new feature introduced recently by some of the best caller ID apps. Users can rest assured about their data and contacts if they have an option to take its backup. 4.INTEGRATION WITH OTHER APPS You must have witnessed that some advanced caller ID apps have integration with other apps as well. For instance, you can find WhatsApp contact option when you click on any contact. Similarly, integrating with a video calling app is also a good idea. 5.FINDING NUMBERS WITH THE HELP OF CAMERA Nowadays you can easily find the details of a phone number with the help of your mobile camera. Try to incorporate this feature in your app as well to enhance its popularity. Try incorporating this feature from Truecaller clone script. 6.CALL BACK NOTIFICATION Adding a callback notification is will add to the popularity of your app. Activate call back notification to enable your users to get a notification when the other person is free to take calls. 7.BLOCK NUMBERS Last but the most important feature is to enable users to block unwanted phone numbers. The blocked numbers will no longer be able to contact the users in the future. This can be one of the key features in a caller ID app. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022Since it was introduced six years back, iBeacon technology has turned out to be a huge success globally. The iBeacon technology has been used in the retail industry and marketing sector which includes a mall and retail stores. It has also been stated that iBeacon will help to bridge the gap between online and offline stores. In the next five years, according to various reports, around 2.5 billion retailers will put their investments on beacons. In 2016, beacon technologies contributed to a staggering amount of 44 billion in retail sales. So you understand that iBeacon has a much more significant role to play in the coming years. iBeacon app development teams are planning to develop it further to keep up with the increasing demand. In this article, we will take about iBeacon, and it impacts on mobile strategy. But first, take a quick overview of what iBeacon is so that you can get an idea about it. WHAT IS IBEACON? iBeacon is Apple’s technological innovation which was built with the primary aim to drive more sales in business. With the help of this technology, the beacon detects the presence of any Android or iOS device app nearby. Once it tracks the invention, it will send and receive signals from the broadcaster. iBeacon is based on the latest Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Wireless Technology. There are two critical elements to this technology – a broadcaster (Bluetooth based iBeacon device) and a receiver (iOS or Android device). iBeacon app development company around the world are providing retailers with this fantastic technology. Retailers broadcast push notification to the devices as soon as they come in proximity to the company’s beacon. Now that you are aware of what iBeacon is, we will discuss about benefits of adding iBeacon to your mobile strategy. WHY ADD IBEACON TO MOBILE STRATEGY? iBeacon technology as you can see has been useful in driving huge sales for retailers. If you want your business to grow, then iBeacon might surely help you out. App Development Companies around the world provides with a wide range of services related to it. If you are wondering what the benefits will be, have a look at these. 1. BETTER COMMUNICATION When you are trying to implement location-based marketing via mobile, it is essential to communicate with customers. With the help of the push notification and alerts, customers can quickly get to know about your store. You can broadcast an announcement regarding a sale or discount that will attract the customers towards your store. However, you take care that your beacon does not overwhelm the customer with too many notifications. This can lead to a bad impression, and the customer might uninstall your app as well. 2. DISPLAY YOUR PRODUCTS EFFECTIVELY To attract and retain more customers it is essential that you display your products and services appropriately. iBeacon app development company allows you to create videos or infographics to display. You can quickly show a small video demonstrating your video to the customers. iBeacon technology helps you to use new and modern ways of promotions rather than only using an image or a piece of text. Very people read printed hand-held banners or pamphlets. But a notification on their mobile device will surely catch their attention more significantly. 3. MUCH MORE BUDGET FRIENDLY With the help of proper ibeacon app development services, you can promote your business with an effective cost. It is very easy to set up these gadgets. You can set them anywhere you want to. At the expense of $100, you can get 3-4 iBeacon gadgets. So instead of spending money on printing and distributing banners to the people, iBeacon is the modern solution for the contemporary world. With everyone around you carrying a mobile device, you can very quickly reach so many people. 4. MORE PERSONALIZED NOTIFICATIONS With the help of iBeacon technology, you will be able to send the people personalized notifications. With the help of the data collected from the mobile app development company, you can track the previous purchase history and other information. So you can send them discounts and offers based on the items they are generally interested in buying. That is the reason why iBeacon technology is more effective in attracting more customers to retail stores. 5. PROVIDES MAPPING FACILITIES iBeacon technology can help people to enjoy mapping facilities. When a person a huge retail store, it may surely happen that the customer couldn’t find the item he was looking for. So by using the iBeacon, they can head over to the section where they found their favorite item to buy. 6. SIMPLE TRACKING SYSTEM When you add iBeacon to your mobile strategy, you will be able to get insights and information about the beacons right to your mobile device. You can check the stats of a particular beacon or diagnose a problem which one of the gadgets might have faced. You can also replace or modify the broadcast message from your phone. So you get to control everything from your mobile phone very quickly. You can access all these features remotely from anywhere you are. So here are the different reasons why you should add iBeacon to your mobile strategy. Nowadays, smartphones are available everywhere, and people regularly visit shopping malls or retail stores. Therefore, why should you miss the excellent opportunity to promote your products? You can benefit hugely if you can use this customer base and let them know about various events at your store. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022Software testing is both an art and an exact science. Whether you’re a new or experienced tester, it’s easy to fall for some of the most common mistakes. New testers, in particular, are likely to underestimate how complex testing can be. It’s not as simple as pushing buttons and waiting for the errors to come to you. Testing is very much a systematic analysis with a lot of moving parts. Quality testers understand market expectations. They know how to push software to exceed these expectations. They help develop feedback and warning indicators that are vital to a product’s success. When a tester makes a mistake, the entire product and reputation of the company are at risk. What are the most common mistakes made by both old and new testers? While some are expected issues like multi-tasking or overlooking simple problems, others might surprise you. Keep reading to explore the 7 common mistakes of software testers so you can avoid falling for any of these yourself. 1. YOU DON’T KNOW THE CUSTOMERS As a tester, you need to know who your ideal user is. This is one of the most fundamental parts of testing. Users today have high expectations. They expect everything to work perfectly all of the time, and they have limited patience when things go wrong. Knowing your user expectations is essential to being a successful tester. What do you need to know about your target customers or users? Start with the basics: gender, age, demographic, income, app and web usage, and technological skills. From there, you can focus on how to better serve the customer with your testing. For instance, if you’re testing a mobile app that’s most likely going to be used on iPhones, don’t spend as much time testing Android. The customer comes first when testing. 2. YOU AREN’T A STRONG COMMUNICATOR Tech has a bad reputation for not attracting the best communicators. This probably comes from everyone spending so much time in front of the computer. There is no such thing as isolated silos in the development world anymore. Let’s push for better communication across teams. You need to learn how to express your thoughts and ideas clearly. You’ll likely be expected to not only work closely with mobile app developers, but also with managers, product owners, executives, and more. These people might not have a firm understanding of the specific product or problem, and it’s your job to facilitate understanding. Don’t settle for poor communication skills. 3. YOU LOVE MULTITASKING A lot of people, not just testers, believe they’re strong multitaskers. The reality is multitasking is impossible. It just leads to poor execution, and it’s an easy way to let mistakes fall through the cracks. You’ll always finish your work faster by focusing on one task at a time. No matter how “Skilled” of a multitasker you think you are, it’s time to give it up. A more effective way to handle several tasks is to prioritize. Create a list of all your upcoming deadlines, and put the most impending problem first. While you’ll likely get used to working under strict deadlines, don’t fall for the temptation to do everything “at once.” You’ll only get farther behind. 4. YOU DON’T TEST ON DIFFERENT DATA NETWORKS While you can count on a majority of users having access to fast-speed data or internet, that’s not always the case. When customers are on the move, they encounter different data networks that might not function the same. While fast data networks such as Wi-Fi or LTE are equipped to handle large downloads, it’s important to test even slower networks like GPRS. Not only has this, but apps and platforms needed to be equipped to handle rapid transitions. It’s unlikely a user will only utilize a new app inside his or her home, so transitions between networks should be seamless. Testers will need to move around to check for these different networks and carriers. 5. YOU TEST TOO SOON There is such a thing as working too quickly. It’s always exciting to dive into a new feature or product. However, moving too fast can leave you overlooking some much-needed structural procedures. You need to start every project with a strong understanding of the scope of the product, the requirements, and expectations. Talk to the developers or the owner of the product. Host a test session to learn more about what you’re working with. These small steps are fundamental for creating a plan of action that works for this new product. All of these procedures exist for a reason. 6. YOU DON’T CHECK DIFFERENT LANGUAGES We live in a global world. Many companies are bridging gaps in communities and countries by offering apps in different languages. Localizing your apps in order to support multiple languages is a must if businesses want to stay competitive in a global world. As a tester, it’s your job to check the functionality of these languages. While you shouldn’t be expected to quality check different translations unless you’re hired to do so, there are areas worth checking. For instance, the word “logout” is common in many different applications, and this might translate differently to create challenges. In German, the word logout is much longer than the English version. Does it fit the allotted space? These are the small details that easily slip through the cracks. You don’t want to alienate any users of a different language because functionality doesn’t work throughout. 7. FINALLY, YOU FAIL TO REVIEW LOGS Last but not least, security is of the utmost importance today. Businesses of all sizes are facing the risk of data breach and cyber-attacks. Apps and web platforms need to be tested to ensure only the permissions required are being used. Private data needs to be protected at all costs and this requires multiple lines of defense. Logging is an important part of checking for potential attacks and errors that might not be seen otherwise. Mobile app testers can connect to their computer to review any log files and find possible warnings. Beyond this, the log level should keep the restrictions tight to avoid information being shown to the wrong users. Logging exceptions in Java ensure no stone goes unturned. App security is important at every stage of the app development process, but it’s especially important in these testing stages. Cybersecurity is no joke. The more you can learn about logging, monitoring, and preventing attacks, the stronger your skills are as a tester. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022Thanks to the efforts of thousands of app developers, Android users now enjoy more apps using modern APIs than ever before, bringing significant security and privacy benefits. For example, during 2018 over 150,000 apps added support for runtime permissions, giving users granular control over the data they share. Today we’re providing more information about the Google Play requirements for 2019 and announcing some changes that affect apps distributed via other stores. Google Play requirements for 2019 In order to provide users with the best Android experience possible, the Google Play Console will continue to require that apps target a recent API level: August 2019: New apps are required to target API level 28 (Android 9) or higher. November 2019: Updates to existing apps are required to target API level 28 or higher. Existing apps that are not receiving updates are unaffected and can continue to be downloaded from the Play Store. Apps can still use any,minSdkVersion so there is no change to your ability to build apps for older Android versions. For a list of changes introduced in Android 9 Pie, check out our page on behavior changes for apps targeting API level 28+. Apps distributed via other stores Targeting a recent API level is valuable regardless of how an app is distributed. In China, major app stores from Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi, Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent will be requiring that apps target API level 26 (Android 8.0) or higher in 2019. We expect many others to introduce similar requirements – an important step to improve the security of the app ecosystem. Over 95% of spyware we detect outside of the Play Store intentionally targets API level 22 or lower, avoiding runtime permissions even when installed on recent Android versions. To protect users from malware, and support this ecosystem initiative, Google Play Protect will warn users when they attempt to install APKs from any source that does not target a recent API level: August 2019: New apps will receive warnings during installation if they do not target API level 26 or higher. November 2019: New versions of existing apps will receive warnings during installation if they do not target API level 26 or higher. 2020 onwards: The target API level requirement will advance annually. These Plays Protect warnings will show only if the appstargetSdkVersion are lower than the device API level. For example, a user with a device running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) will be warned when installing any new APK that targets API level 22 or lower. Users with devices running Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher will be warned when installing any new APK that targets API level 25 or lower. Prior to August, Play Protect will start showing these warnings on devices with Developer options enabled to give advance notice to developers of apps outside of the Play Store. To ensure compatibility across all Android versions, developers should make sure that new versions of any apps target API level 26+. Existing apps that have been released (via any distribution channel) and are not receiving updates will be unaffected – users will not be warned when installing them. Getting started For advice on how to change your app’s target API level, take a look at the migration guide and this talk from I/O 2018: Migrate your existing app to target Android Oreo and above. We’re extremely grateful to the Android developers worldwide who have already updated their apps to deliver security improvements for their users. We look forward to making great progress together in 2019. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022The most prominent reason for that is because the need for convenience is increased. And that need did not go unnoticed by web developers. That is what Chatbot is- a place designed for users where they can have a one-to-one conversation with the bot and find everything that they are looking for just in one conversation. A chatbot is a shorter form of “Chatterbox” and means exactly what the name suggests- it is a box where you can chat! It is a computer program that interacts with customers exactly like a human through either voice commands or text or both and answers all your queries. A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) feature that can be and is being used by major messenger applications. Basically, Chatbot is a platform that increases your convenience to find things. HOW DOES A CHATBOT FUNCTION? Let’s break this into parts and understand it this way. For instance, when you open an application on your phone to find something or get something, you always have to proceed in a number of steps before you can reach the final stage, eg. If you want to buy a shirt online from a website, first you will have to open the men/women section then choose the clothes you are looking for then find your size then buy it i.e. you are sent from one location to another. Chatbot makes this task easier for you, rather than being navigated from one place to another on the app, you can simply open the chatbot on the site, and then text whatever you need in one simple conversation and Chatbot will find that for you. In other words, initially where you had to find everything on Google in some links, now you can find everything in the form of questions and answers! All you need to do as a user is ask a question & the chatbot will give you an answer. WHY IS CHATBOT IMPORTANT TO WEB DEVELOPERS? In the technology-driven world that we are living in, where there is competition in every sector you go, it is not easy to break through the clutter. The trends are changing giving rise to the use of Chatbots; there are a million apps today amongst which the users can choose, however, the chances are very low as on an average, a user only downloads one or two apps on his phone in a period of one month. Users today only like to download apps on their phone that are interactive and do not consume a lot of their time to find something that they want. This is exactly what web developers need to understand, the needs and likes of the users are changing and if you want your app to stay on the top, it is time to make your app interesting! DO CUSTOMERS PREFER CHATBOTS? As for now, a lot of big ventures have given space to Chatbots in their apps so that they can enrich the experience of their customers on the app. Needless to say, the customers are not just enjoying it, but prefer it over apps that require them to jump from one place to another to proceed to find something. WHY IS CHATBOT THE FUTURE OF WEB DEVELOPMENT? In the dynamic world that we are a part of, change is the only constant. More or less, the users always need something new and interesting on the app they are using, and web development companies want to make their platforms as user-friendly as they can so that they can engage more and more people towards their network. If they fail to do so, the users have a very convenient option to switch to a different app altogether. Amidst all of this, the reason because of which the web developers that will have Chatbots will have a hold of the market is because of the benefits that Chatbots have both for the users and the web development companies. HIGH LEVEL OF INTERACTIVITY No user would prefer using an app that isn’t interesting or engaging; with Chatbot, the users can live chat with the program and there is always the assurance of getting an instant response. The best part about Chatbot is that it is available for the users all the time. No matter what time of the day it is, there would always be a reply! COST EFFECTIVE FOR WEB DEVELOPERS Imagine this, the bigger the company is, the higher the number of employees for client service in the company would be. And of course, that would cost the company a lot because every employee has to be paid. However, getting Chatbot is only a one-time investment, since it cuts out the need for having employees for client servicing; Chatbots can handle thousands of customers at one time. TIME-SAVING FOR CUSTOMERS Instead of being navigated from one page to another on an app to find something, the users can access it all just in one go at Chatbot. All that you need to do is text your requirements and the chatbot will find everything for you! ALMOST AS GOOD AS AN ASSISTANT The best thing about Chatbot is that it works as per your convenience, depending on the app, you can literally ask anything and the bot will have an answer for you. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022Whereas AR uses user’s existing natural setting by simply overlaying virtual info on top of it. The augmented reality app development market focuses on enticing styles in games escalation AR. AR adds sound, motion, picture, alongside the GPS information to parts of the mobile app. These apps have the flexibility to vary the read of reality by augmenting the parts. According to a report generated by Statista, the revenue generated from AR can increase 3 times as high as that of Virtual Reality by the year 2020. As per a similar report, it’s calculable that, 68.9 million units are going to be discharged by the year 2022 of AR devices. By the year 2020, 5.4 million units of sensible AR glasses are going to be shipped. AR is foreseen to own one billion users by the top of the year 2020. The marketplace for augmented reality within the year 2016 was 2.39 billion US dollars. It’s calculable to touch revenue of $61.39 billion USD by the year 2023. The compound annual rate is 55.71% CAGR. Also, the attention is increasing of AR. The AR gaming market is foreseen to succeed in $284.93 billion by the year 2023. A survey conducted within the USA reflects that 73 percent of US citizens explicit they apprehend what augmented reality is! HERE ARE THE TOP 10 APPS THAT USE AUGMENTED REALITY (AR): 1. FACEBOOK: Facebook has always been in the list of apps that adopt all latest technologies and tools to offer enhanced customer experience. When it comes to augmented reality, Facebook cannot miss being on the list of top apps. When exploiting Facebook Stories, you’ll be able to use numerous AR filters to spruce up your photos. It is very similar to Snapchat. A number of their augmented reality efforts conjointly embody the Camera Effects development platform, AR Studio, and others. It is not the foremost powerful AR app out there. However, Facebook goes to try and do some fun stuff with AR within the future. 2. SKETCHAR: There’s a touch superior skill in everybody, however, not everybody has the time to take a seat down and observe drawing hands for several hours. Draw one or two of circles on a bit of paper and opt for a sketch, and SketchAR can project that picture onto the paper, permitting you to trace around it. Users struggle to match all lines and curves exactly. The user has to hold the phone in one hand and drawing with the opposite. It works with little items of paper on most phones that support augmented reality. It’s on the market for Android, iOS, and Microsoft’s HoloLens receiver. 3. POKEMON GO: It wouldn’t be an inventory of the most effective AR apps while not mentioning Niantic’s Pokémon Go. This game quickly captured user’s attention and gave them a reason to travel out into the planet, walk around, and catch Pokémon. The AR-based game uses GPS to mark user’s location and move the in-game avatar, whereas your smartphone camera is employed to indicate Pokémon within the universe. For the foremost part, it works, provided the sport hasn’t crashed or frozen. There aren’t plenty of directions and rules after you first begin, or info relating to game mechanics just like the colored rings around wild Pokémon, however, due to the character of the net, deciding what to try isn’t that robust. Niantic is all set to offer more updates and plenty of Pokémon in updates. Mobile app developers around the globe are trying to build similar AR apps. 4. CHALK: Chalk is an excellent piece of augmented reality only for iOS users. This ultimate application allows users to interact on the next level. Users can simply point the rear camera to any object they want information about. Another person on call can draw figures and diagrams on the screen to guide the first user. All these changes are visible for both users. For instance, you are sitting at home and accidentally clicked the wrong button of the TV remote. Now you want to ask your sister about undoing what you just did. Instead of explaining her everything orally, you can simply point on remote and draw a circle around that particular button. This way she can reply in a similar manner and guide about undoing it. 5. PORSCHE AR: Porsche AR is an excellent app that can let users get a feel of luxury cars without buying them! Are you planning to get a car for yourself or for any loved one? But do not have time to go for a test drive? This app is for you. The user can walk the phone right up into the driver’s seat of 3 totally different cars, check them out from each angle, even “drive” them sort of a device automotive that does not really exist. 6. VIEW RANGER: If you like traveling, hiking, biking, or typically exploring new areas, you will love ViewRanger. It’s a mobile app that’s designed particularly for hikers searching for ensuing nice path to travel on a journey. Mobile app developers have included a library of trails you’ll be able to search through. A lot of significantly, you’ll be able to modify GPS to spot your location and use ViewRanger to log your own path as you’re creating your 1st trip into new territory. Even if it’s your 1st time within the space, you’ll be able to transfer geographic maps thus you’ll apprehend the piece of land. The app involves street, aerial, satellite and piece of land maps. What makes ViewRanger a very cool AR app is that the Skyline feature? Once you click on the Skyline icon and pan the landscape along with your camera, the app can determine all mountain peaks, lakes, and different necessary locations close to you. You’ll see a tag with the name within the direction it is, and the way it’s settled from you. The app boasts info of 9 million locations across the globe and even a lot of several attainable routes for you to explore. As an extra bonus, the app includes a BuddyBeacon feature wherever you will be able to send up a symbol of your current location so your friends can find you regardless of wherever they’re. 7. INKHUNTER: Are you a fan of tattoos? Then this app is a perfect app for you. There are many people in the USA and Asia with tattoos. The first question that comes in mind of a person while getting a tattoo is- “How will it look on me?” Many times, people draw tattoos and later regret about the designs. To avoid this pain, (tattoos are permanent) we can use Inkhunter. Inkhunter is one amongst a lot of distinctive AR apps. What it does is allow you to scrutinize what tattoos can seem like on your body before you twig. You draw a number of lines on your body. From there, target the camera at those lines and therefore the app mechanically puts the tattoo there. It will not work for super difficult or massive works, however, those searching for one thing manageable will expect moderately sensible results from this app. there’s additionally a photograph editor simply just in case you would like to mess with the look. It’s pretty sensible. 8. GOOGLE TRANSLATE: Google Translate is one of the simplest apps for travelers. It allows you to possess full conversations with folks, even when you are not able to speak the identical language. In one among the simplest uses of AR up to now, you’ll point your phone’s camera at a road sign, menu, or the other piece of text—and you’ll get a rapid translation. This feature works in fifty-nine languages and you’ll transfer language packs to use offline. Google translate app supports 103 overall. In addition to the AR feature, the app allows you to translate your own handwriting, audio, or maybe a time period speech communication you’re having with somebody. If you like to not use Google for no matter reason, you’ll additionally provide Microsoft Translator an attempt. It works in a very similar approach, though it doesn’t have quite identical visual aptitude once translating written words. 9. GOOGLE LENS: Google Lens is a type of extraordinary AR app. It’s a multi-feature app showing intelligence analyzes any image you are taking and provides all the data Google will notice concerning it. During the testing of the app, Google Lens caught text from actual objects clicked. It identified objects within the image and sifted through Google results for the maximum amount of info because it might notice concerning it. Google Lens even uses image analysis to spot the sort of flower within the photograph (for example). It’s terribly spectacular. 10. WALLAME: WallaMe enables you to leave hidden messages in varied locations around the globe which will solely be scanned by people exploiting the WallaMe app. once exploiting the app, you’ll be able to take an image of a close-by wall, street, or sign, then use the in-app drawing and painting tools to form your own special messages. You’ll be able to conjointly attach photos to the areas you’ve chosen if solely to prove you were really there. The increased reality side extremely comes into play once you’re at a location that contains a hidden message, however, it will solely be found by exploiting WallaMe and your device’s camera. Users may create personal messages for friends. They can also create messages for mass. WallaMe’s biggest strength conjointly works against it, in a way. People who aren’t conscious of the app’s existence, or people who don’t frequently use it, might ne’er see the clever messages created by others. However, fans of the app might want to stay in that approach, so as to take care of the sensation. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022Linkedin is one of the most used social media channels for professional use. Students, professionals, freelancers, small vendors, small-scale shop owners, etc. can use LinkedIn to find more career opportunities. LET US SEE SOME INTERESTING STATISTICS ABOUT LINKEDIN: LinkedIn has more than 590 million users worldwide 154 million users of LinkedIn are from the USA 13 percent of Millennials use Linkedin 44 percent of LinkedIn users earn more than $75,000 in a year More than half of all social traffic to B2B websites & blogs come from LinkedIn 92 percent of B2B digital marketers include LinkedIn in their campaigns 41 percent of millionaires use LinkedIn If you want to explore career opportunities at any stage of life, LinkedIn is the best option. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, linked has to space only for career talks and career opportunities. Linkedin is one social media platform that has a free version as well as paid version. The premium version of LinkedIn offers you different options like advanced search functions and the “Who Viewed My Profile” feature. Linkedin has different premium plans with different features. The plans range from 30 dollars to 100 dollars. Just like Facebook, LinkedIn also has a news feed. Users get to know all the updates about their connections. Users can connect with other people on LinkedIn by either searching them by name, company name, designation, etc. similar to Facebook, businesses can create pages on LinkedIn. Businesses can promote their services and products on these pages. Users can follow any business pages. This is not the only way businesses can benefit from LinkedIn. In this article, we are going to learn the different LinkedIn marketing solutions for businesses. ADS: Linkedin has offered different types of ads. Businesses or individuals can publish Text ads as well as Dynamic ads as well as Video Ads. More than 85 percent of LinkedIn engagements arrive from mobile devices. So it is important to optimize business pages and ads for mobiles. LET US FIRST SEE WHAT ARE TEXT ADS? The text ads appear on the top and right sides of the users’ feeds. In text ads, businesses need to focus more on content. The text should be clear and in a readable format. Make sure you are mentioning your top-notch USPs in the ad. The text ads allow optional images. The image can be of size 50×50. The character limit for titles is 25 or less and the character limit for ad text is 75 or less. Since the limit is pretty less, organizations and social media resources should manage to offer the best content in fewer words. Grasp the attention of your target audience with content that addresses them directly. Do not add promotional content. No user likes to read about the brand in the ads. Offer the solution to their problems. Guide them with informative content. Ensure your call to action is clear. If possible, add your company’s name in the text to promote your brand. WHAT ARE DYNAMIC ADS? Dynamic ads are fun. These ads dynamically change its ad text and profile image depending on the target. This type of ad is primarily used to attract new visitors to the business page, prompt them to like your page and these ads also help in recruitments. The dynamic ads change photo as per the person seeing the ad. The user can see himself in the photo and another photo can be the brand’s logo. This unique feature of Dynamic ads increases the chances of clicks by 90 percent. If you wish to increase brand awareness, you can select the logo in the space of the second image. Or you can also put an image of a person who is going to interact with the prospect. This helps users get a clear idea of what exactly is happening. WHAT IS A VIDEO AD? If an image says 1000 words, a video can say 100000 words! LinkedIn has recently allowed businesses to publish video ads. Before some months, this feature was not available on LinkedIn. The video ads auto-play in members’ feeds without sound. If the user wishes to listen to the ad, he can simply click on it. Videos can be used for numerous reasons. Organizations can promote the brand through storytelling options. Do you have a story that describes your brand? If yes then you can create a fantastic video that generates the need for product/service. SPONSORED IN-MAIL: The way businesses send emails to prospects, you can send in-mails through LinkedIn. You can customize the messages in emails. You can engage the prospects by sending customized messages. Sponsored in-mails can be used to send webinar invitations, event invitations, or to pitch the prospects. You can send promotional in-mail. (Finally!). The character limit for the subject line is 30. Character limit for body copy is 500. You can also add images in mails. RECRUITMENTS: Most of the businesses use LinkedIn for recruitment. The human resource professionals can search employees through LinkedIn on the basis of designations and location. Since LinkedIn users post all details including current job and academic details, it becomes easier for recruiters to sort candidates. The best part about LinkedIn is that you can send messages to people without connecting with them. Candidates can customize the search as per designation and even company name. LINKEDIN ANALYTICS: If you have a company page on LinkedIn, then you sure need LinkedIn analytics and insights. The tool offered by LinkedIn allows page owners to see if your ads are hitting home with followers or not. It offers a report about how many new followers you have attracted and also notifies new key trends that can help you in business page enhancement. You can analyze which ads are performing better and which ads need improvement. The way marketers analyze the whole website through Google analytics, you can analyze your LinkedIn campaigns through insights. INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC DISCUSSIONS: Have you written a mind-blowing article related to your industry but no one read it? To promote your work, you can join different discussion groups related to your industry. This not only lets you explore your reach but also lets you explore the prospect list. By contributing valuable insights and content on these discussion groups, you can organically gain good leads. Since the people involved in the discussion would be in search of your products/services, there is no space for incorrect targe CONCLUSION: LinkedIn is one of the most used social media channels by professionals. You can optimize your LinkedIn marketing strategy in multiple ways. Right from getting leads to getting resources, everything can be done on LinkedIn. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022The difference in the last decade is that there are tools that can store a vast amount of data and that this data can now be analyzed in such sophisticated ways that it can provide real insight. This insight can then be used for businesses to take action, and subsequently, gain a competitive advantage. A recent Barclays report argued that data is key to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) growth, and this was highlighted by a survey which found that a fifth of businesses with a turnover of less than £1 million make use of some of the data their business holds and that this increases to 45 percent for businesses with a turnover above £10 million. But while data is key to SMEs growth, only 13 percent of British SMEs surveyed said they made use of all the data their business holds, and just 29 percent said they used some of their data. Less than a third (27 percent) said they used data to inform their business decisions, a possible indication that for those that have discovered the power of data, there’s no going back. Over half of SMEs wanted to grow in 2018 (53 percent) but only 17 percent are confident they’re able to identify investment opportunities. What is most surprising about these results is that SMEs – unlike large enterprises – have unique characteristics which help them to better extract and use data. For example, by using data analytics, an SME can better understand the type of products and services it is able to sell in specific local areas, and personalize these to the most valuable clients and markets. New approaches and technologies can then be piloted, using data as a way to judge their success. SMES ARE INVESTING IN TECH FOR GREATER DATA INSIGHTS In addition, there are numerous other forms of data that can be used to get a clearer picture of where the SME should invest. For instance, by tracking website interactions and in-app user behavior, SMEs can get a clear picture of where sales are lost and try to rectify this by tweaking features or indeed reinvesting into these online platforms. Perhaps customers were canceling orders because the promotion was not going through on check-out, or perhaps an advert that they click on for a specific item was hard to find when on the actual website. There is also the case of using data to make a company’s logistics and operations more efficient; a retailer can use real-time data to understand which products are selling out fastest, and can then liaise with their suppliers to replenish stock faster. Social media activity can be tracked to see if there is negative or positive sentiment towards certain services or deals. Data is clearly an area that SMEs feel they want to invest in, with the top three areas they’re investing in all focusing on data insights: data analytics (52 percent), IoT (38 percent) and AI/machine learning (34 percent). However, while this data can be a game-changer for businesses, SMEs need to ensure that the data is always secure – no matter how it is collected, stored and analyzed. Furthermore, businesses need to also be wary of being compliant to regulations, with GDPR being the most prominent from a data protection point of view. If used in the right way, data is a crucial part of a recipe to drive growth in SMEs that would not be possible many years ago, when older systems, unreliable data, and gut feeling were the main ingredients used. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022The proposal, to restrict Chromium’s script blocking capabilities to the new DeclarativeNetRequest API instead of the old webRequest API, caused a backlash from extension developers and users. Chromium engineer Devlin Cronin provided an update on Google Groups following the outcry: “I’d like to reiterate that all of these changes are still in the draft and design stage, as explicitly called out in the document and the tracking bug. The declarativeNetRequest API is still being expanded and is under active development, and the exact changes that will be implemented as part of Manifest V3 are not finalized. Feedback during this time is crucial, and we absolutely want to hear your comments and concerns. Another clarification is that the webRequest API is not going to be fully removed as part of Manifest V3. In particular, there are currently no planned changes to the observational capabilities of a web request (i.e., anything that does not modify the request). We are also continually listening to and evaluating the feedback we’re receiving, and we are still narrowing down proposed changes to the webRequest API.” The developer first reported on Google’s proposal last month. Some criticized Google as wanting to kill off ad blockers as it damages the company’s primary source of revenue. uBlock Origin developer Raymond Hill was among the most vocal against Google’s proposal, but he’s not alone. Developers of extensions not related to ad-blocking voiced their concerns about how it would impact them. Jouni Korte, the Senior Software Engineer for F-Secure, said: “In addition to ad blocking, this seems to affect also security software that relies on extension capabilities of dynamically blocking https traffic that is rated as malicious or otherwise harmful for users.” Chromium powers an increasing number of web browsers. Open web advocates Mozilla criticized Microsoft’s recent announcement that it would be switching to using Chromium for its Edge browser as handing too much power to Google. Malicious extensions have taken advantage of some APIs in ‘Manifest V2’ introduced in 2012. Google is currently in the process of assessing what changes it can make in ‘Manifest V3’ to boost security and performance. Replacing the webRequest API with the declarativeNetRequest API switches net filtering responsibilities from the extension to Chrome itself. In addition to security benefits, Google has said it boosts performance. The team behind popular extension Ghostery criticised Google’s motives in a blog post: “They pretend to do this for the sake of privacy and browser performance, however, in reality, users would be left with only very limited ways to prevent third parties from intercepting their surfing behaviour or to get rid of unwanted content. Whether Google does this to protect their advertising business or simply to force its own rules on everyone else, it would be nothing less than another case of misuse of its market-dominating position. If this comes true, we will consider filing an anti-trust complaint.” While this is not the end of the saga, it at least shows Google is listening. We’ll keep you posted on any further developments. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022Twitter is finally tackling its problem of people buying followers by cutting off API access of apps claiming to offer such a service. Three of the most notorious apps – Crowdfire, ManageFlitter, and Statusbrew – have been affected by Twitter’s clampdown. Such apps follow thousands of users with similar interests in the hope some will follow back. The services often monitor those who do not follow and offer their user to unfollow them. In a statement, a Twitter spokesperson explained: “We have suspended these three apps for having repeatedly violated our API rules related to aggressive following & follow churn. As a part of our commitment to building a healthy service, we remain focused on rapidly curbing spam and abuse originating from the use of Twitter’s APIs.” Each of the apps justified their service as offering an easier way for likeminded people to discover and engage with each other. The services have been a plight on Twitter’s platform for years. Many legitimate users will have noticed followers who disappear after a few days (at least I have, although perhaps my tweets are just that bad.) While all three apps have now been suspended, Twitter has left the door open for a return if they pivot and become compliant with the rules. Some of the services must have raked in a lot of cash for users and businesses desperate to appear more popular. Crowdfire, for example, charged $75 per month for auto DM and follow notification features. If your app offers similar features, or ever planned to, you may want to reassess before Twitter revokes its API access too. [...] Read more...
July 6, 2022 However, there is a flip side to owning your own business. It can be lonely, isolating and stressful, especially if you do not have anyone that you can turn to. That’s why it’s so important for startup founders to meet up with fellow entrepreneurs. Together they can swap ideas, share advice and act as a support system. Thankfully there are lots of meetups out there from weekly gatherings to networking events to larger annual functions. So, whether you need advice on hiring, funding or pitching, here are a few of the best meetups and events for startups in the UK. Peer to peer learning can be one of the most valuable ways to gain new insights and perspectives. 1. TECHCITIZEN TechCitizen hosts events focused on business and personal development. The topics are varied and can range from law to finance and from pitching to PR. Attendees can interact with investors, present their plans and receive feedback. Most of the events are free to attend. What: ‘a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs and startups’ to ‘discuss, share, pitch and network’ Where: various venues, London Founded: July 2014 How often: usually weekly 2. HARDWARE PIONEERS Hardware Pioneers holds free monthly meetups for founders, executives, engineers and developers. The meetups are limited to 200 people so that entrepreneurs can learn and gain feedback in a more intimate setting. They usually have impressive speakers from companies like Intel, Microsoft and Amazon. What: ’a community of pioneers building IoT products’ Where: various venues, London Founded: 2013 How often: monthly 3. YENA Yena is a global community of young entrepreneurs and aspiring startup founders. You have to pay to become a member (£9/month) but this gets you access to their impressive network of like-minded young business people, a library of useful and up to date materials and their ‘toolbox’ a marketplace for the types of things you need to start a business but at better rates, as well as a free website domain and up to five email addresses. They put on a wide range of networking events across the world, with some of the upcoming events based in Berlin, Manchester, and Bath. What is it: A membership community with game-changing benefits for young founders, freelancers, and ambitious professionals Where: Across the world but a strong focus on the UK How often: A few times a month 4. STARTUP GRIND Startup Grind is responsible for connecting over 1 million entrepreneurs in 400 cities across 150 countries. They run monthly events led by successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and educators. The networking opportunities at these events are second to none and you’ll be able to pick up lots of tips and tricks along the way. What is it: ‘’a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs’’ Where: various venues, London Founded: April 2013 How often: monthly 5. STARTUPS, ENTREPRENEURS AND INVESTORS This meetup usually follows a set structure. The first hour is designated for mingling and networking. After that, 30 minutes are reserved for 30-second pitches. Anyone can take to the floor to promote their idea and receive feedback. After that, there is more networking and discussion. This meetup is a great place to meet other entrepreneurs and get honest advice. What: ‘a group of startups, entrepreneurs and investors who meet to network, share, and help each other’ Where: various venues, London Founded: February 2014 How often: monthly 6. GEEKGIRL GeekGirl runs a London meetup every 6 weeks. These meetups can take the form of networking breakfasts, panel discussions, coding workshops, hackathons or summer parties. There’s lots of variety! Plus they also run a blog and podcast so you can keep up to date if you miss an event. What is it: ’a community of passionate women in tech, design and startups’ Where: various venues, London Founded: 2009 How often: Every 6 weeks 7. ENTREPRENEURS IN LONDON Entrepreneurs London is the biggest meetup of its kind with over 24,000 members. They run hands-on workshops, seminars and networking events. If you need advice on a new product or tips on fundraising this is the meetup for you. What is it: ‘the largest meetup for entrepreneurs in London’ Where: various venues, London Founded: 2009 How often: bi-monthly 8. TECHNOPRENEURS Technopreneurs gives attendees the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge in a relaxed way. The events feature startup or investor speakers, who share their startup stories, challenges, and solutions, followed by networking. What: a group of ‘’IT professionals, web startups and entrepreneurs’’ who want to build connections, hear and participate in talks Where: various venues, London Founded: 2014 How often: monthly 9. NETWORKING EVENTS FOR FEMALE ENTREPRENEURS In addition to the range of events and meetings aimed at all kinds of entrepreneurs and founders, there are also a few events aimed just at women. The British Association of Women Entrepreneurs (BAWE): A network designed for women entrepreneurs who are looking to build high growth, globally recognized, sustainable and profitable businesses. They host a range of networking events. Women in Rural Enterprise: WiRE is a national business support network; promoting, supporting and developing its membership of rural businesswomen. Host a range of speaker and networking events. Accelerate Her: AccelerateHER is utilizing Founders Forum’s unparalleled network of the best, brightest and most inspirational digital founders, corporate CEOs and senior investors to lead the discussion and effect change. Festival of Female Entrepreneurs: An annual festival of speaking and networking events for female entrepreneurs. [...] Read more...
July 5, 2022The multinational tech company’s distribution platform has been plagxmachine_learning_android_google_play_store_fake_reviews_apps.png.800x600_q96.png.pagespeed.ic.79Z44fdxB6.webpued by millions of apps that hire users and companies to write fake reviews which boost exposure. Google has officially listed three categories it classes as violating its guidelines: Bad content: Reviews that are profane, hateful, or off-topic. Fake ratings: Ratings and reviews meant to manipulate an app’s average rating or top reviews. We’ve seen different approaches to manipulate the average rating; from 5-star attacks to positively boost an app’s average rating, to 1-star attacks to influence it negatively. Incentivized ratings: Ratings and reviews given by real humans in exchange for money or valuable items. In a blog post, Google has detailed the new anti-spam system and its effectiveness. The anti-spam system was able to remove millions of false reviews in just one week. At the same time, the system used the information from such fake and suspicious reviews to track and remove thousands of apps that were present on the Play Store. All of this was possible due to Google’s vast machine learning experience, which helped it to single out genuine and honest reviews from the fake ones. The system can also spot suspicious increases and changes in reviews on an app. For instance, the Play Store policies can be violated by developers by telling users to write good reviews about their respective apps in exchange for a discount or free in-app item. This would likely lead to a rise in dishonest reviews from users who are more interested in their reward. To ensure fairness, Google employed ‘skilled reviewers’ to double-check the quality of the system’s decisions and adjust it accordingly. [...] Read more...
July 5, 2022the existing big banks have been making great strides with their ideas for the underlying blockchain technology. Major financial institutions have explored blockchain for a variety of purposes: optimising supply chain records, battling fraud, tracking payments and making existing processes more efficient. 1. WHAT IS BLOCKCHAIN? Blockchain as a technology is a public distributed ledger that relies on a decentralised network of computers to authenticate transactions, such as transfers of the cryptocurrency bitcoin. However, banks are finding other uses for the technology to help validate other types of transactions in a faster and more cost-efficient manner. For example, it could be used to process trades and bonds or property transfers, as well as supporting modernised payments networks that are not anonymous like bitcoin. And more generally as a system of authentication it could be used for anything from smart contracts to use cases such as verifying online voting, and has even been used to validate a wedding. 2. BANK OF AMERICA Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in January 2018, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihaan told Yahoo Finance that the organisation has “more patents, I think, than almost anybody in blockchain”. He added: “We believe in the idea of distributed ledgers and smart contracts and all the words you hear about that. We are developing stuff. But it’s not new concepts. The Registry of Motor Vehicles is a distributed ledger. We know who owns a car, we know who owns a house. The idea is that you can do it more electronically, and can do it across borders.” 3. Bank of England Britain’s central bank launched a blockchain accelerator in late 2016, and since has announced an asset exchange pilot with PwC. More recently the Bank of England teamed up with Chain on a data privacy pilot, reports Coindesk. Although it had once been considering launching its own cryptocurrency, market turbulence has put those plans on ice for now, the Bank of England told FT Adviser in January 2018. 4. RBS The Royal Bank of Scotland, and another global bank which did not wish to be named, joined up with New York-based software company R3 in September 2017, in partnership with Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority regulator. R3’s Corda blockchain in this case allows RBS to automatically generate delivery receipts for mortgage bookings and send these along to the regulator. 5. VNESHECONOMBANK Russia’s state-owned development bank Vnesheconombank announced in June 2017 that it would examine blockchain for project management and supply chain finance. Sputnik talked with bank chairman Sergey Gorkov who said: “When we started to think about how to manage projects efficiently, we realised that there is no platform. Everything that we had became obsolete. We realised that the blockchain is a good fundamental and qualitative platform for the future. We started with this, we have established a qualification centre and a pilot project was launched.” The first prototype sprang into action in the Autumn of 2017. 6. HSBC, DEUTSCHE BANK PARTNER WITH IBM HSBC and Deutsche Bank struck a deal with IBM in June 2017 as part of the ‘Digital Trade Chain Consortium’ – which also includes KBC, Societe Generale, Unicredit, Rabobank, and Natixis – to rethink the traditionally paper document-heavy trade finance sector for small to medium sized businesses and to help them manage and secure international trade transactions. 7. GOLDMAN SACHS Goldman Sachs has been busy investing in blockchain related technologies, and co-led a $50 milion investment round in bitcoin firm Circle this year. A report from CB Insights in October 2017 found that along with Google, Goldman Sachs is one of the biggest investors in blockchain technology. But CFO R. Martin Chavez acknowledged in an earnings call that some of its activity in cryptocurrency trading has been at the behest of clients, but that the bank is in “the business of being careful with our shareholders’ capital”, and so it is doing that with “extreme prudence and caution”. And in a January 2018 letter to investors it warned of a potential bubble waiting to burst. [...] Read more...
July 5, 2022That could range from the iPhone, Android or even a Blackberry- the choice is yours. Here is our guide to the best smartphones for businesses, startups and entrepreneurs. 1. APPLE This year, Apple unveiled the release of not one but three new iPhones to add its long list of smartphones that customers and business users love. Apple’s smartphones remain unsurpassed in terms of build quality, and that doesn’t really change with the latest launch of Apple’s iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. The iPhone XS and XS Max both went on sale in September 2018, however, the iPhone XR is yet to be released and pre-orders will start on 19th October for the expected sale on 26th October 2018. iPhone XS boasts a 5.8-inch screen size, faster Face ID and other similar features like the XS Max. This also includes machine learning and Animojis. All three of the iPhones will include dual SIM card support (one physical and one electronic SIM), which is a great perk for business users as the traditional method of having two phones may just be defeated. The XS and XS Max are available in 64GB, 256GB and 512GB. Pricing starts at £999 for the XS and £1099 for the XS Max. With its bigger screen, high-end specs and dashing good looks the iPhone XS would certainly tick a lot of boxes for an entrepreneur looking to run their business on the move. But if you don’t want to pay the earth, the iPhone 8, which comes in two sizes (4.7 and 5.5 inches) has an all-glass design and supports wireless charging. Both the iPhone 8/Plus and its younger brother the iPhone 7/Plus come with touch ID, a 12MP camera and Retina HD display. 2. ANDROID Android phones can be picked up relatively cheaply and if you go for a high-end model, you can get specs unrivalled by other manufacturers. However its open platform does mean that security can be an issue, something which you will see less of if you go for an iPhone. Launched in March 2018, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 and S9 Plus are great picks for Android fans. Firstly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is currently the best Android phone in the world, with the S9 following behind in second place. The Note 9, which is the newer model, also comes with a stylus pen so business users get the perks of a business phone in one. The S9 Plus boasts 6.2-inch screen size, good battery life and 12 megapixels dual-camera. The S9 has similar features, but instead comes with a smaller 5.8-inch screen size. The Galaxy Note 9 costs £899 for the 128GB model, while the S9 Plus is priced at £819.99 and the S9 is £630 on Amazon. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an incredible phone however it is priced quite highly compared with other Android phones at £689. And while the specs of the S8 aren’t actually that dissimilar to its predecessor (which is fantastic), you will receive a better screen and access to Bixby, Samsung’s version of Siri or Google Assistant. Another solid Android phone is Google Pixel 2, which includes 64GB, 4GB of RAM, a full HD display and solid battery life for £629. We also think the Huawei P20 Pro, LG G7 ThinQ, Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Google Pixel 2 XL are some great Android options. 3. BLACKBERRY The Android-running BlackBerry Key2 is a great phone for business users, and is ideal if you want a physical keyboard. The battery life is above average and priced at £579 it could be a good choice for those strictly after a business phone. The KEYone also has the classic BlackBerry design and runs Android perks. It is also cheaper, priced at £499. Older BlackBerry models such as the BlackBerry Classic and BlackBerry Passport are really good, but run an old, unsupported OS. BlackBerry phones are good for business: hardware keyboards, enterprise-level security and fleet management, email, spreadsheets. The dull stuff. If that is good for you, good for you. Interestingly, BlackBerry is releasing phones that run Android, so you can take full advantage of BlackBerry’s security features and Androids top-notch specs. [...] Read more...


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