Top 10 Trending Apps That Use AR Technology

Whereas AR uses user’s existing natural setting by simply overlaying virtual info on top of it.

The augmented reality app development market focuses on enticing styles in games escalation AR. AR adds sound, motion, picture, alongside the GPS information to parts of the mobile app. These apps have the flexibility to vary the read of reality by augmenting the parts.

According to a report generated by Statista, the revenue generated from AR can increase 3 times as high as that of Virtual Reality by the year 2020. As per a similar report, it’s calculable that, 68.9 million units are going to be discharged by the year 2022 of AR devices. By the year 2020, 5.4 million units of sensible AR glasses are going to be shipped. AR is foreseen to own one billion users by the top of the year 2020.

The marketplace for augmented reality within the year 2016 was 2.39 billion US dollars. It’s calculable to touch revenue of $61.39 billion USD by the year 2023. The compound annual rate is 55.71% CAGR. Also, the attention is increasing of AR. The AR gaming market is foreseen to succeed in $284.93 billion by the year 2023. A survey conducted within the USA reflects that 73 percent of US citizens explicit they apprehend what augmented reality is!



Facebook has always been in the list of apps that adopt all latest technologies and tools to offer enhanced customer experience. When it comes to augmented reality, Facebook cannot miss being on the list of top apps. When exploiting Facebook Stories, you’ll be able to use numerous AR filters to spruce up your photos. It is very similar to Snapchat. A number of their augmented reality efforts conjointly embody the Camera Effects development platform, AR Studio, and others. It is not the foremost powerful AR app out there. However, Facebook goes to try and do some fun stuff with AR within the future.


There’s a touch superior skill in everybody, however, not everybody has the time to take a seat down and observe drawing hands for several hours. Draw one or two of circles on a bit of paper and opt for a sketch, and SketchAR can project that picture onto the paper, permitting you to trace around it. Users struggle to match all lines and curves exactly. The user has to hold the phone in one hand and drawing with the opposite. It works with little items of paper on most phones that support augmented reality. It’s on the market for Android, iOS, and Microsoft’s HoloLens receiver.


It wouldn’t be an inventory of the most effective AR apps while not mentioning Niantic’s Pokémon Go. This game quickly captured user’s attention and gave them a reason to travel out into the planet, walk around, and catch Pokémon. The AR-based game uses GPS to mark user’s location and move the in-game avatar, whereas your smartphone camera is employed to indicate Pokémon within the universe. For the foremost part, it works, provided the sport hasn’t crashed or frozen.

There aren’t plenty of directions and rules after you first begin, or info relating to game mechanics just like the colored rings around wild Pokémon, however, due to the character of the net, deciding what to try isn’t that robust. Niantic is all set to offer more updates and plenty of Pokémon in updates. Mobile app developers around the globe are trying to build similar AR apps.


Chalk is an excellent piece of augmented reality only for iOS users. This ultimate application allows users to interact on the next level. Users can simply point the rear camera to any object they want information about. Another person on call can draw figures and diagrams on the screen to guide the first user. All these changes are visible for both users. For instance, you are sitting at home and accidentally clicked the wrong button of the TV remote. Now you want to ask your sister about undoing what you just did. Instead of explaining her everything orally, you can simply point on remote and draw a circle around that particular button. This way she can reply in a similar manner and guide about undoing it.


Porsche AR is an excellent app that can let users get a feel of luxury cars without buying them! Are you planning to get a car for yourself or for any loved one? But do not have time to go for a test drive? This app is for you. The user can walk the phone right up into the driver’s seat of 3 totally different cars, check them out from each angle, even “drive” them sort of a device automotive that does not really exist.


If you like traveling, hiking, biking, or typically exploring new areas, you will love ViewRanger. It’s a mobile app that’s designed particularly for hikers searching for ensuing nice path to travel on a journey. Mobile app developers have included a library of trails you’ll be able to search through. A lot of significantly, you’ll be able to modify GPS to spot your location and use ViewRanger to log your own path as you’re creating your 1st trip into new territory. Even if it’s your 1st time within the space, you’ll be able to transfer geographic maps thus you’ll apprehend the piece of land. The app involves street, aerial, satellite and piece of land maps.

What makes ViewRanger a very cool AR app is that the Skyline feature? Once you click on the Skyline icon and pan the landscape along with your camera, the app can determine all mountain peaks, lakes, and different necessary locations close to you. You’ll see a tag with the name within the direction it is, and the way it’s settled from you. The app boasts info of 9 million locations across the globe and even a lot of several attainable routes for you to explore. As an extra bonus, the app includes a BuddyBeacon feature wherever you will be able to send up a symbol of your current location so your friends can find you regardless of wherever they’re.


Are you a fan of tattoos? Then this app is a perfect app for you. There are many people in the USA and Asia with tattoos. The first question that comes in mind of a person while getting a tattoo is- “How will it look on me?” Many times, people draw tattoos and later regret about the designs. To avoid this pain, (tattoos are permanent) we can use Inkhunter. Inkhunter is one amongst a lot of distinctive AR apps. What it does is allow you to scrutinize what tattoos can seem like on your body before you twig.

You draw a number of lines on your body. From there, target the camera at those lines and therefore the app mechanically puts the tattoo there. It will not work for super difficult or massive works, however, those searching for one thing manageable will expect moderately sensible results from this app. there’s additionally a photograph editor simply just in case you would like to mess with the look. It’s pretty sensible.


Google Translate is one of the simplest apps for travelers. It allows you to possess full conversations with folks, even when you are not able to speak the identical language. In one among the simplest uses of AR up to now, you’ll point your phone’s camera at a road sign, menu, or the other piece of text—and you’ll get a rapid translation. This feature works in fifty-nine languages and you’ll transfer language packs to use offline.

Google translate app supports 103 overall. In addition to the AR feature, the app allows you to translate your own handwriting, audio, or maybe a time period speech communication you’re having with somebody. If you like to not use Google for no matter reason, you’ll additionally provide Microsoft Translator an attempt. It works in a very similar approach, though it doesn’t have quite identical visual aptitude once translating written words.


Google Lens is a type of extraordinary AR app. It’s a multi-feature app showing intelligence analyzes any image you are taking and provides all the data Google will notice concerning it. During the testing of the app, Google Lens caught text from actual objects clicked. It identified objects within the image and sifted through Google results for the maximum amount of info because it might notice concerning it. Google Lens even uses image analysis to spot the sort of flower within the photograph (for example). It’s terribly spectacular.


WallaMe enables you to leave hidden messages in varied locations around the globe which will solely be scanned by people exploiting the WallaMe app. once exploiting the app, you’ll be able to take an image of a close-by wall, street, or sign, then use the in-app drawing and painting tools to form your own special messages. You’ll be able to conjointly attach photos to the areas you’ve chosen if solely to prove you were really there. The increased reality side extremely comes into play once you’re at a location that contains a hidden message, however, it will solely be found by exploiting WallaMe and your device’s camera.

Users may create personal messages for friends. They can also create messages for mass. WallaMe’s biggest strength conjointly works against it, in a way. People who aren’t conscious of the app’s existence, or people who don’t frequently use it, might ne’er see the clever messages created by others. However, fans of the app might want to stay in that approach, so as to take care of the sensation.

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