App Store Bundles Can Now Include Mac And Subscription Apps

Apple has proclaimed developers will currently embrace macintosh and free apps with subscriptions in their App Store bundles.

With the new practicality, developers can give a bundle of up to ten of their apps. This will increase visibility whereas permitting users doubtless discounted access.

In its announcement, Apple wrote:

“App bundles build it straightforward for patrons to shop for up to ten of your apps in a very single purchase. And now, you’ll be able to produce app bundles for macintosh apps or free apps that provide associate auto-renewable subscription to access all apps within the bundle.”

The modification to Apple’s policy removes a limitation that restricted App Store bundles to simply paid iOS apps. MacOS developers, particularly, are appreciative for the new choice to distribute their apps and attract new users.

In the latest unharness of macOS, Mojave, its app store received a significant rehaul. this transformation also will facilitate to stimulate Mac’s store and brag its own new options.

Apple’s support for subscription apps is of very little surprise. the corporate has been on a campaign to persuade developers of the benefits of such a model.

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