Apple Watch Apps Became 64-Bit Due To ‘Bitcode’ Feature

Apps developed for the Apple Watch transitioned from 32-bit to 64-bit last month because of the ‘Bitcode’ feature hidden in X code.

The feature was added to X code seven 3 years ago in Gregorian calendar month 2015. whereas optional for iOS apps, it absolutely was obligatory for watch OS and tv OS. currently we all know why,

Rather than update and recompile every app for 64-bit, Bitcode sits between human-written code and computer code to stop this being necessary. Bitcode provides a partially-compiled app to Apple which may be completed for no matter processors it has to support.

It’s terribly spectacular, whether or not Apple had the forethought 3 years agone or a lucky coincidence.

For developers, they didn’t got to raise a finger to create their app 64-bit. For users, apps simply worked and quicker than before. For Apple, their existing store of Apple Watch apps was able to maintain their new device from day one.


The chances are that Apple learned from its past problems.

When the iPhone 5S launched with a 64-bit processor, users suddenly met several issues with 32-bit apps. It forced Apple to line a demand that app developers should update their apps to 64-bit inside 5 months of the 5S’ unleash.

From Last year, Apple Stop supporting for 32-bit iOS apps. the corporate is presently within the method of doing identical for mackintosh apps this year.Compared to the 32-bit to 64-bit transition for iOS and mackintosh apps, Bitcode seems to own created Apple Watch’s upgrade seamless. Very few, if any, complaints are created.

The smartwatch market as a full remains not thriving, despite Apple Watch being among the leaders. several developers have given colourant their wearable apps, tho’ Apple’s new device could breathe some new life into the section.

Apple’s main challenger, Wear OS, is presently within the method of rolling out its latest update with a serious revamp. Qualcomm is commonly aforesaid to own command the platform back with its lack of support, however a replacement dedicated chip ought to bring welcome enhancements to areas like battery life and performance.

Later this month, Huawei is rumoured to be emotional a replacement version of their own watch. Their previous device was well received, such a big amount of are going to be trying to visualize what the corporate has future this point.

Hopefully, the mix of those releases can facilitate to stimulate the stagnant wearable market.